04 September 2015

DEA Corrupt Habitual Drunk Hypocrite Agents Aid Drug Cartels Ruin Nations Risk U.S. National Security At Drug Cartel Hosted DEA Prostitute Sex Orgies DEA Bribed In Cash, Weapons, AK-47 Other "Gifts" As DOJ I.G. Exposes DEA Lies Finds DEA "Informants" Are Active Drug Traffickers Corrupt DEA Pays By U.S. Extended Worker's Comp And Lifetime Government Benefits UPDATE

     Friday, 4 September 2015, WASHINGTON, D.C. - Long overdue time to abolish the criminal creep Nixon cynical creation the totally compromised United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) as a bunch of drunken prostitute partier pals of drug cartels who consistently facilitate and benefit violent drug trafficking syndicate global expansion limiting any "bust" to those pre-approved by their drug lord handlers while the DEA domestically harasses medical providers by illegally practicing medicine purporting to direct MDs' patient healthcare in the United States without a medical license but perhaps a G.E.D.
     With worthless bad joke of a DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart recently forced out by an outraged Congress it again has been confirmed that the DEA long has run amok resisting oversight nor any significant consequence for decades doing nothing worthy abroad but strengthening international drug cartels and terrorists far more disciplined than DEA agents as its "war on drug" initiatives invariably result in unforeseen consequences that destroy nations and result in the international expansion of drug production and trade. Widely known as notorious "drunks fighting drugs" abroad and at home and glaringly ineffective for decades given their totally bogus impossible "mission" which appears to have degraded to drinking as much alcohol wherever possible hopefully while attending drug cartel hosted DEA drunken prostitute parties accepting bribes even as international drug syndicates grow stronger and expand operations.
     The documented DEA outrage to honest hard working American families unable to get assistance in the most dire of times and the nation's war veterans so often in desperate need of unavailable well deserved government assistance while any benefit award review of DEA active drug trafficker "informants" routinely is circumvented by the DEA can be found by interested readers in the linked to below Department of Justice Investigator General report article with video finding the DEA characteristically long has obstructed discovery that among myriad other abuses the DEA generously has doled out benefits itself and through Labor Department requests including worker's compensation requesting the award of U.S. Treasury government payouts to drug trafficker and dealer "informants" with but the most cursory oversight and no meaningful review of eligibility including for ongoing long-term benefit claims all paid by U.S. taxpayers.
     Astoundingly some drug trafficking pals of the DEA even receive U.S. government benefits for supposed "injuries" and deaths on the job that the DEA never even has bothered to investigate nor confirm. Just yet another drug trafficker bonanza doled out by the totally corrupted and compromised DEA. Time to shut down the DEA which exists without constitutional basis and to end the nearly fifty year history of consistently absolute ruinous enormously costly failure of the DEA and the totally phony "war on drugs".
     This hypocritical phony "war" a malignant fiasco become policy tragedy of epic proportions relentlessly since inception unbelievably growing ever since has provided "work" for countless thousands of those otherwise deemed unfit and inept for any professional law enforcement work previously. Not only do many of those never before able to pass the test to carry a badge and a gun now regularly threaten the safety daily of the American people but also are a central reason for today's excessive grossly bloated domestic law enforcement apparatus. This monstrous behemoth now hangs above suffocating the People and the State invading their private affairs with an ever-expanding multitude of threats to the People including the widespread dangerously federally overequipped and largely undertrained police which continues to waste vast sums of American taxpayers' money and mindlessly threaten Americans' core Constitutional rights.
     Specific police training of late now often not of course how to do their jobs but instead how to identify and blatantly steal by "asset forfeiture' the most valuable and liquid of Americans' assets who are unlucky enough to happen upon the thieving police (or be ambushed by them for say a nice sports car) such with police nationwide stealing large amounts of cash and high value items quickly liquidated of course not forget expensive cars the police often now steal for themselves to drive. The American police are now by far the largest organized gang of thieves in the U.S. and barring sovereign immunity should be prosecuted under the RICO Act. All this police stolen private property grown to total enormous value across the country with police trained to steal from persons on the spot on the most flimsy of reasons a mere "suspicion" with no adjudication all in so blatantly unconstitutional a monkey could spot this gross and disgusting injustice.
     This obviously illegal and unconstitutional police "asset forfeiture" in all cases is immediate thus at the time those victimized by the police are deemed innocent under the law of any crime. The victims of police organized theft in fact often never are tried at all nor ever found guilty of anything. Nevertheless they find the recovery of their property virtually impossible should they try to navigate through Kafkaesque systems seemingly intentionally left in incomprehensible disarray. And if they do finally reach the end of the maze it will be only to find the district attorney most conveniently to the State acts as final arbiter as to whether they get anything at all back from the police without regard for (lack of) guilt.
     Meanwhile of most alarming immediate concern to the increasingly informed People is their awareness now regularly confirmed by a steady stream of new public exposures of cumulatively reliable sources on all "sides" that United States actual ("true") as opposed to espoused ("lies") drug policy is one demonstrably now inextricably intertwined with deep involvement including in illegal Mexico major drug channeling as well as some significant arms cross border U.S.-Mexico trafficking. The most recent disclosures from various sources and outlets provide ample first person evidence that the U.S. drug "law enforcement" reality has in fact largely now deteriorated to the exact opposite. At worst (yet reported) this consists of providing "drug trafficking management and protection services" at some Latin American locations where coordinated U.S. federal law enforcement resources some with the apparent knowledge of the highest regional or higher U.S. officials are diverted to illegal misuse and abuse of authority protecting the interests of U.S. favored strongest Mexican illegal drug cartels the name most mentioned being that of the Sinaloa cartel.
     The clear and present threat of a significant concentration of acting U.S. government officials and agents acting to facilitate criminal enterprises directly contrary to their sworn mission to the People tearing down rather than upholding the U.S. Constitution they have sworn to uphold cannot be over-emphasized. As the irrefutable evidence grows Americans have very good reason for great concern that decades of the corruption invited by the failed phony "War On Drugs" have reached a critical point at which if not terminated the long-term temptations and inevitable distortions in the United States government culture stand to corrode the highest levels of the United States government.
     This country faces a most dangerous and completely needless situation for those many of great career potential who may find themselves in the company of colleagues who find it becomes more and more difficult to resist either the temptation or likely an environment of growing pressure to lapse into a more and more pervasive culture of high level corruption engendering among other things rank hypocrisy, manipulation, greed with the knowledge that they are acting in absolute violation of their oaths of office tearing down rather than upholding the United States Constitution.
     The vastly disturbing extent of the tragically real destruction caused by the totally phony "drug war" is that its far too long accepted failures have reached what appears to be a most dangerous point. All signs right now evidence that if this horrorshow is not shut down we may well fail our country and its future. There no longer exists as there never did any rational reason for totally needlessly continuing to expose the United States to a most destructive threat which in actuality is more from attacking ourselves for that which is within than any one without other than what we have needlessly created.
     The phony failed "drug war" started as a cynical ploy by Richard Nixon has reached a no longer rumored but documented reality where it represents a danger of which it is in no way worthy of sustaining under any scenario whatsoever. That being in its entirely unacceptable threat of shredding the very fabric of the integrity of the United States federal government even so far as to the extent of threatening its survival as a trusted institution but rather by all accounts of its prosecution in foreign nations perhaps the great Executive Branch agencies so fond of using taxpayer dollars endlessly to accomplish nothing may finally recover them by without announcement simply open their own drug cartel in Washington, D.C., naturally keeping all drugs illegal at the same time as selling them to keep those invaluable price supports in place and all those private prisons full.
     On the other hand if the "drug war" is not stopped by the United States abroad but left to continue to run totally amok with an alphabet soup of agencies all unaccountable in the field is there anyone present who has a good feeling about where it all will end? Actually if fifty years of repeated and ever more costly and dangerous errors and now corruption evidenced on an unprecedented level has not been enough of a lesson what exactly please is it that the United States government awaits?  The best scenario under the present facts which one may be reasonably sure is in no way encompasses nearly the full extent of disasters not yet reported, presently taking place or if not certainly being planned as all know it is most foolish to leave even loose change at the end of the year in the "budget bucket".
     As noted above the far more alarming U.S. government law enforcement drug and arms trafficking corruption now extends to the facilitation of drug trade of U.S. especially favored drug cartels reportedly the Sinaloa cartel, but the U.S. drug business well supplemented with arms smuggling and trafficking among a growing group of agencies including the Border Patrol, CIA, DEA, Department of Homeland Security, FBI and apologies to all those left out. This assault rifle delivery to the Sinaloa cartel courtesy of the ATF in its operation "Fast And Furious". (The CIA still getting all the best candidates to name "operations").
     Even now the U.S. has expanded the "War on Drugs" to other areas notably reportedly both by illegally allowing cartel weapons into the U.S. with "free pass" border "fast lane" checks as well as delivering to Mexico (which unlike the U.S. has strict gun control laws) many of the coveted AR-15 assault rifles to the Sinaloa cartel. This brilliant scheme very hard to track down as to who at the ATF (the same ones who brought us Waco in order to prove there still was some reason for the agency's existence) actually authorized the delivery of the military assault rifles. ATF Operation "Fast and Furious" had decidedly mixed results which started with the apparent setback of a two year surge in killings after delivery of all the AR-15s to the Sinaloa cartel. That however was followed by a markedly quieter period around town extending for some years the Sinaloa cartel evidently having killed all its competitors and any other problematic individuals in the first two years. "Fast and Furious" however did not do well on the public approval meter of the other alphabet agencies and finally after stalling for a couple years to ATF finally pinned it on its Albuquerque office probably to their complete surprise.
     To reiterate and perhaps clarify and add a few more facts in this the final of edit added paragraphs. First most importantly it would appear the the U.S. "War on Drugs" is taking a perhaps anticipated by any who thought about it yet nevertheless troubling turn on the road to drug eradication. That being certain U.S. government agencies have picked favored drug cartels must notably the Sinaloa cartel providing the cartel with large numbers of AR-15s and perhaps also now some sort of protection for it when on risky drug trafficking runs.
     In any case it now has become glaringly undeniably apparent given public statements of those directly involved that the "war on drugs" agenda now extends to U.S. executive agencies facilitating arms and drug smuggling. This has become increasingly confirmed with such public statements. The Ninth Amendment analysis being that though at least some in the U.S. Executive Branch agencies on first consideration seem to have acted in a bizarre and inexplicable manner by arming and protecting one or more Mexican drug cartels that this has been clearly symptomatic of the effects of a half century of the deliberately murky culture of the "war on drugs" permeating U.S. law enforcement now for so long it is obscuring the bright light of justice and blurring any identifiable line of what really is right and wrong. And perhaps also confusion after so long of who is on which side. The recommendation offered here at least for the DEA is that one or two day drug cartel hosted drunken prostitute parties should not be substituted for legitimate leave time for agents. Something along the lines of the five days paid leave that DEA agents get off if they manage the impossible and get caught for going to the drug cartel parties seems more reasonable and should afford some time to for fraternizing with other federal agents rather than drug cartel party hosts in order to help differentiate the two groups.
     As for claims of "no knowledge" of those higher up. Just one example is the C.I.A.'s long-proven involvement with delivery and sales of crack cocaine and other drug trafficking which was confirmed recently by two separate Mexican officials quitting saying their is no will to end the war because that is to end one's job. They further independently stated that the C.I.A. has made it its business to manage drug trafficking south of the border which if true arguably would demonstrate a certain amount of culpability on the C.I.A.s part. Meanwhile it must be mentioned should he forget to do do so that even President Barack "Fast And Furious" Obama's direct knowledge of the highest levels of extensive criminal U.S. executive agencies' involvement in drug and arms trafficking with drug cartels has been strongly suggested by the fact that Obama only once in his Presidency has used executive privilege to block disclosure of documentation which he so far only has chosen to exercise on the release of documentation relating the the ATF's Operation "Fast and Furious".
     Even as they and others in law enforcement and related work such as private U.S. prisons whose livelihood depends entirely on it have come to exalt the "war on drugs" which must never end as it is obviously (to them) their very own perpetual employment entitlement bonanza without any regard for the fact that they have accomplished no progress at all but only nothing but the most harmful and dangerous intended and unintended unwavering empowerment and support of an ever flourishing murderous worldwide drug trade and associated international criminal syndicates now further routinely funding ever more dangerously fanatical global terrorist groups.
      One entirely foreseeable consequence of the "war on drugs" has been to facilitate the complete opposite result of its claimed impossible mission while corrupting and compromising many of those involved the result above being just one very small example. The drug trade given existing U.S. drug policy only will continue to generate enormous profits funding the expansion of ever more powerful enormously well financed criminal syndicates as well as a growing number of terrorist groups. All threaten global and U.S. national security while making the world a far more dangerous place. The result being the complete opposite of the presumed basis of the DEA's mission neither protecting the health nor safety of anyone anywhere. The DEA instead promotes and provokes extreme violence often encompassing the innocent including to the extent of displacing entire populations.
     As has been documented here in the Ninth Amendment the DEA effectively also routinely has forced policies on nations such as those finally being rejected by South American and other countries long imposed under U.S. threat of economic sanction which although largely unreported wreak widespread environmental destruction abroad and cause untold devastating health consequences on foreign citizens. Just one example of the scope of the invariably disastrous U.S. failed ill-conceived schemes being the U.S. mandated DEA "overseen" indiscriminate airborne dumping of poison by pilots who would prefer not to be shot down spraying their loads thus avoiding target drug crop areas controlled by highly armed drug traffickers but instead dumping on legitimate farms including on subsistence crops, animals, farmers and anyone else around poison most likely to be the notorious homicidal U.N. declared carcinogen herbicide RoundUp made by and to the enormous profit on human misery of Monsanto perhaps the world's most despised corporation aggressively criminally destroying both presently and for future generations through extremely reckless and irresponsible genetic alteration the very existence of the world's continuing food supply.  
     The United States failed drug enforcement policy never could nor was intended to succeed with the Nixon so-called "war on drugs" initiated as a cynical convenient temporary subterfuge. The so-called "war on drugs" initiated against no real enemy of significance nevertheless the value of its potential for political and budgetary exploitation having been recognized readily by other sorry opportunists easily outlasted Nixon not only preserved but endlessly vastly expanded doubtless also due to the rapidly growing cast of characters many probably previously who would have been on the welfare rolls now with vested a interest in its perpetual continuance engorging itself with unending budgetary growth.
     This total U.S. drug policy failure now has provided needlessly redundant decades of ever more gruesome and growing alarming pressing evidence that it must be fundamentally overhauled to one focused on rehabilitation and regulated measured drug accessibility with responsibility ultimately resting with the individual (see John Stuart Mills On Liberty).  As with regulated alcohol sales surplus profit through taxation enriches the State far better than instead spending rather than collecting enormous revenue while weaponizing homicidal maniacs for so many undeniably compelling reasons which combined domestically and globally have been at a staggering cost to the legitimate governance of nations around the world.
     At the same time the "war on drugs" entirely predictably as an economic imperative needlessly has created artificially inflated enormous drug profits entirely supporting the existence of criminal drug syndicates as well as now funding some of those with the worst of most violent intentions against humanity. The failed bogus "war on drugs" has become a direct and major threat by financing, equipping and expanding terrorist networks globally.


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03 September 2015

Obama Guantanamo Lied Prevents Closure Breaks Vow To Voters Won By Deceit Obama CIA Sadistic War Crimes Against Humanity Torture Camp Still Imprisons 116 "Detainees" None Since 2001 Charged Tried Nor Convicted At Obama CIA Atrocity Stands As Anti-U.S. Global Terrorist Recruiting Billboard

     Thursday, 3 September 2015, WASHINGTON, DC - President Barack Obama the nation's first African-American president has shown no sympathy for the most oppressed and now further firmly has cemented his legacy as a duplicitous repugnant lost soul arguably among the most shameful morally and ethically bankrupt of U.S. presidents in history including for his authorization of global drone mass murders, refusing to prosecute documented U.S. Government officials and those under them for torture, nor even to make good on his campaign promises to close the CIA Guantanamo Bay torture camp to those to whom he owes his presidency who elected Obama once amid so much hope founded on his grossly false promises.
      Just his latest lie being exposed as President Obama still holds more than one hundred never charged nor tried tortured "detainees" at Guantanamo Bay thereby joining in the commission of continuing war crimes against humanity in flagrant violation of United States and international law and conventions and a grotesque affront to fundamental human rights and all standards of civilized human decency. Obama may be able in his last days as president to pardon others for atrocious human rights violations in the U.S. although never abroad but he cannot ever pardon himself for what through being an accomplice after the fact and obstruction of justice among other things effectively establishes him as a participant in all torture, murder, U.S. government kidnappings and other documented human rights crimes and abuses repugnant to the very fiber of American values perpetrated by U.S. government officials including the Bush-Cheney Administration, its CIA officials, and those acting in conspiracy with and under their authority including all those for whose illegal torture, kidnapping and illegal detention without limitation for which they are responsible.
     Obama's empty promised "change" has in fact largely been anything but by continuing and expanding many unconstitutional, illegal and reprehensible Bush-Cheney Administration executive branch activities and making permanent the most blatantly unconstitutional of their so-called morally bankrupt "legal interpretations" and bogus trash statutes. Lying hypocrite Obama has failed to prosecute any among the worst of those responsible for and having committed acts of torture as documented in extensive detail easily justifying prosecution by the U.S. Justice Department  which Obama has blocked including by the United States Senate Torture Report of December 2014. These are crimes against humanity similar to those prosecuted at Nuremberg and the President of the United States nearly exclusively responsible for their perpetration lacks all moral authority to seek to block their prosecution. Is Obama afraid the CIA will assassinate him for bringing their sick demented persons to justice allowing the CIA mistakenly assuming the authority of a non-existent fourth branch of government as this CIA most likely did JFK as well as untold numbers of often democratically elected foreign leaders. Does Obama cower at the thought of the ire of "Pigheart" Dick "Criminal Notorious" Cheney clearly bargained his soul with the devil for some fast bucks.
     The Obama Administration's actions moreover have confirmed Obama and his executive agencies as consistently inept ready liars of expedience as he has shown himself time and again a worthless tool of demented executive branch committed self-aggrandizing psycho-sociopaths run totally amok hiding behind false claims of "national security" in order to invade every corner of the private lives of the People of the United States growing a malignant police domestic spying state like a cancer with as bloated an ever-expanding budget as possible funding their demonstrably worthless further grave affronts on the most fundamental of the People's rights without any regard for the constraints on the State of the United States Constitution which although sworn to uphold they clearly hold in as much contempt as the People of this great nation from whom their only remaining legitimate power to the extent there is any left either survives or must be extinguished by their own actions.
     Hypocrite liar Obama rumored a once constitutional law professor at some allegedly accredited institution whatever he once falsely might have espoused has proven himself a protector of the most sickening of Bush-Cheney Administration torture officials including Obama apparent new pal the ill-disguised devil himself "Pigheart" Dick "Criminal Notorious" Cheney, CIA officials guilty of torture crimes against humanity and attempts at cover-up down the line, and without limitation the front line human rights violators deranged CIA "hands-on" torturers whopri never accomplished anything of value to the "national security" but rather gravely damaged it by destroying the moral authority of the United States the world over and providing rich fodder for further global terrorist recruiting.  Obama has done nothing even while these criminals who so far walk free (so long as they remain in U.S. jurisdiction) clearly must be subjected to prosecution under domestic and international law as well as war crimes conventions as the rest of the world awaits the opportunity to bring them to justice in the International Criminal Court or wherever jurisdiction lies.
     Hypocrite liar Obama further has proven himself a blatantly inequitable persecutor of whistleblowers as documented in previous posts here on a scale never before seen in this country. And most recently he has proven himself a champion of the continuation and expansion of reprehensibly unconstitutional domestic surveillance and privacy invasions of the American people not to mention the murder of U.S. and world citizens misusing at every opportunity the mechanism of the FISA monkey judge rubber stamp courts with rote unfounded claims of "national security" to subvert any legitimate actual real federal court ruling contrary to his unconscionable, unconstitutional and illegal agenda.
     There is no excuse for hypocrite liar Obama who has proven himself worthy only of the legacy of the worst kind of President who knew better but consistently proved himself nothing but an enemy of the Constitution he has sworn to uphold. Thanks though for letting a few handfuls of the many harmless out of a nightmarish prison system largely privately run for profit after having promised his electorate reform of the entire penal system which of course never happened and where hypocrite liar Obama admits he himself should be incarcerated had he been caught in his prior incarnation dealing drugs on his journey to becoming a United States Senator and President.
     A bold move opening a few cell doors of old dying and non-violent drug Barack while maintaining and expanding the entirely tragically misdirected priorities of United States bloated ruinous law enforcement monstrosity and the nation's disastrously corrupted criminal justice system where the innocent are stripped of their rights by police and prosecutors unilaterally deciding individuals' fates while the police routinely perjure themselves on the stand even as they officially are trained to seize private citizens' most liquid possessions and money for their own profit and use with no recourse for their victims but at best the Kafkaesque biased whims of a prosecutor "judge" despite the fact that many never even are tried nor convicted of any crime.
     As a president reportedly preoccupied with the "legacy" he will leave the Ninth Amendment editorial board belatedly with significant reluctance concludes that President Barack Obama's continuing and escalating major executive agency encroachments, as well as continuing and expanding constitutional and human rights violations as the leader of the United States and the free world will in due time define him as a disingenuous leader who in fact largely maintained and further followed the dire course already set out under duress and deception by the criminal Bush-Cheney Administration despite being elected on a platform of "change".
     Obama's Administration must be seen as one of minor accomplishments when they are held in comparison to his administration's continuation and expansion of severely damaging actions to the long-term security of the existence of United States within the world community by its continuing and expanding vast and illegal overreaching abroad while at home largely by his administration's perilous affronts against the inalienable rights of the People further undermining of the essential foundation of its own legitimacy through its relentless attacks against the United States Constitution. Readers interested in further information about the above can go to either or both of the two links below to BBC World News and/or the New York Times.



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