17 October 2015

EO 13526 1.1(b): Drone Kill List Obama-Jarrett Mass Murders "Transparent" Obama Obstructs DOJ Torture Prosecution Of Bush-Cheney WH, CIA Officials And Torturers, CIA Senate Obstruction And CIA Withheld Evidence Photos Of Entire CIA Torture Black Sites Delayed Military Prosecutors Find Of Massive Cache Confirms CIA, Foreign Officials, CIA "Torture Psychologists" On-Site Culpability, CIA Torture Devices, CIA Crimes Against Humanity And War Crimes, CIA Kept From Defense Attorneys, Congress, U.S. People Yet Obama Blocks All Bush-Cheney WH And CIA Torturer Prosecutions - UPDATE 4: NEW LINKS BELOW CONFIRM GENEVA CONVENTION DRONE GENOCIDE VIOLATIONS OBAMA - JARRETT U.S. DRONE "KILL LISTS" AND NEWLY DOCUMENTED CIA - PENTAGON INNOCENT CIVILIAN MASS MURDERS

     Sunday, 28 June 2015, WASHINGTON - The criminally conspiring endemically corrupt pathological habitually obfuscating murderously inclined to extreme violence against humanity remain unprosecuted as of November 2016 almost two years after the December 2014 public disclosure of the unambiguous conclusion that those identified in the Bush-Cheney administration and CIA as well as those conspiring to and acting with and for them as a matter of routine practice engaged in the commission of crimes against humanity and war crimes thoroughly documented in the U.S. Senate Torture Report executive summary and five hundred plus page brief introductory section (suggesting just how much more extensive their horrific and repulsive acts actually were as the vast majority of thousands of pages of the U.S. Senate Torture Report still have never been released presumably as too inflammatory to the American and world public).
     Nevertheless indefensibly lacking any straightforward coherent (as opposed to any obviously contrived convoluted facially totally illegitimate "secret" Bush-Cheney) legally compelling reason nor even any articulated nor attempted justification legal or otherwise even as the evidence as here inexorably has mounted nearly continuously ever further against those guilty of torture President Barack ("Torturer Shield") Obama inexcusably continues to block for reasons seeming entirely obscure from immediate United States Department of Justice prosecution (certainly not for lack of evidence) or the lawful extradition and delivery to the International Criminal Court of the torturers whose prosecutions face no statute of limitations therefore can be prosecuted for the rest of their lives.
     Perhaps Obama is prevented from acting either by fear of inquiry into his own prosecution for genocide by drone strike murders which appears not altogether improbable given Obama's ongoing erratic attempts at uncharacteristically publicly carefully obscuring and providing almost no clear information of his own and the U.S. government's obvious extensive knowledge and therefore not unlikely guilt and/or Obama protects torturers due to plausible direct explicit threats against Obama by others should he allow prosecution of torturers then to disclose much more detailed known information that Obama seeks indefinitely to avoid by his carefully crafted yet strangely and unbelievably muddled lack of coherent public remarks on his obvious ultimate responsibility for intentionally obfuscated numbers and locations of acts of civilian mass murder by Obama-authorized drone strike murders which may well total significant civilian mass murders in some areas of the world suggesting Obama's own culpability for untold numbers of atrocities of genocide by drone strike kills resulting in the mass murder of innocent civilians of various ethnicities and nations.
     How can the U.S. government at this time when the already legitimately adjudicated unconstitutional and illegal NSA criminal creeps' surveillance unlawfully continuing to invade every imaginable aspect of Americans' and world citizens' privacy nevertheless expect Americans or anyone else in the world to believe the NSA criminal creeps and their similarly culpable cohorts at home and abroad cannot count the dead bodies of those the U.S. just murdered on the ground below that exceed the number targeted? As they illegally spy on every inch of the planet they could be expected to have some ability to count the innocent freshly murdered civilians laying on the ground in various nations around the globe.
     Not yet formally prosecuted however as of today they still have the dubious luxury of either feigning their well-developed appearances of a lack of concern presumably in hopes that the People will buy into their holier-than-thou haughtiness as in their multitude of previous and doubtless ongoing despicable career transgressions contrary to all values Americans hold sacred or already having gotten themselves so mired in yet other new criminal conspiracies and resultant cover-ups such that they have forgotten exactly which one this was that they in any case uniformly continue in their duties of such important appearance where possible at present or do not as former public officials or contractors as the case may be but whatever their situation as evidenced in the Washington Post article linked to below all implicated in this latest criminal scandal refusing to answer to the press nor the People doubtless only because lacking available opportunity or the imagination here to fabricate their latest plausible lie that being the only type of answer they ever are at ease readily providing to the People it then being a near certainty once again it is a complete lie comfortably consistent with their culture of dishonesty including without limitation both to the People and press and when perjuring themselves under sworn oath to their Congressional overseers and others
     The notable exception to keeping one's mouth shut being most likely the angriest voice of that loud-mouthed pig demanding immediately to start and later extend most all costly failures wherever possible such as when inexperienced "torture contractors" replacing by then sickened CIA returning employees sought to expand or prolong the disastrous CIA Torture Program later trying to improvise their own "tortures" with things found around places like the Guantanamo junkyard after using up the CIA's $80 million of worthless other tortures with Cheney likely duping as long as possible the hapless but fully responsible not-really-elected "President" George "little shrub" Bush reputedly Cheney not surprisingly assisted as needed to promote Bush deception on call whenever some evil deed needs doing the one and only Stanford University gift to the American people who just keeps on sleazing Condosleeza Rice in chorus with that one loud pig heart pig mouth clearly both of whom sold their souls long ago which never again will belong to them.
     That loud pig mouth of course belonging along with his pig heart to former not-really-elected Vice-President first ever since pardoned criminal Spiro Agnew to take the office purely for personal profit, fraud, waste and abuse "Pigheart" Dick ("Criminal Notorious") Cheney born corrupt thug  defiantly vowing to Playboy including its notably widely Islamic Fundamentalist readership and eventually the rest of the world including his various mercenary business ventures from which Cheney assured as a top not-really-elected U.S. official he had cut all ties that might even give the appearance of impropriety except possibly frequent well maybe daily meetings and communications to see what else could be left for his lackeys to steal in some country Cheney next contrived to have the U.S. invade without provocation, brought tons of U.S. goods in the form of new equipment and then left if there without adequate local training training so the U.S. might soon again buy more useless tons of new replacement war contractor equipment only again to leave it preferably where it might readily as traditional find its way into the hands of some present or future armed menace to the U.S. in some other U.S. invaded country from which as perpetually "no-bid" designated contractor Halliburton or related Cheney-connected outfit might under some obscure illegal contract clause automatically grab and profit while despite inaudible Cheney protestations to the contrary his latest corporate benefactors insist Cheney must have his "tribute" for new business opportunities delivered to some Cheney enterprise per his preference and longtime business practice daily on pallets piled high with cash lowered from helicopters (enterprises partly made up of criminal racketeering outfits including international oil corporations and related business principals who for various reasons might be fighting extradition by avoiding all countries with any established legal authorities remaining, plus escaped prisoners of diverse nations, felons getting another chance with the "Big Dick", multitudes of Cheney "associates" with ankle and wrist bailbond bracelets, suitably murderous snipers, thugs, cage wrestlers, mercenaries, the criminally insane, some comprising security services ostensibly strangely engaged to "protect" active U.S. military combat soldiers, U.S. embassy guard positions formerly only held by proud U.S. Marines worldwide but now some tragically replaced inexplicably by Cheney untrained violent criminals carrying sawed-off shotguns and blackjacks among other characteristically illegal street thug weapons having used them mercilessly to beat for no reason people waiting in U.S. Embassy lines as in Pakistan where where the Pakistani police actually raided the Blackwater "Blackdeath" local storehouse of illegal weapons seizing those illegal even in Pakistan typically of the type used by brutally violent street criminals.
     This soon followed of course by another "shakeup" consisting solely of the frequent renamings of the Cheney theoretically but not really "distanced" criminal "no-bid" with extra bonus no performance federal government contract fraud specialists. Altogether collectively popularly known as Halliburton (although its divisions and subsidiaries also may include just about anything based on the principle of "rip-off' such as only a guess "Payday" and "Title" loan stores good places to launder money in various states and countries where arguably not illegal to other ventures as far-flung as gambling casino opportunities in or operating out of Macau) a massively dysfunctional company its very existence and "no-bid no performance" success certainly strongly continuing unchallenged under Cheney in making its principals firstly being Cheney himself ever rapidly more rich principally by depleting the empty treasury of the U.S. federal government but also acquiring other assets such as oil of all countries WMD Cheney invaded with an expertise not so much in doing its job "for the government" but by doing its job "on the government" effectively exploiting federal fraud, waste and abuse opportunities far beyond that of its for all practical purposes disappeared "competitors" it being understandably challenging for them to get government contracts and concomitant opportunities for their own fraud, waste and abuse if they are unable to bid for the work.
     Halliburton spin-off "security" enterprise soon after it had committed its latest new global atrocity was followed by the horrendous senseless shooting murder rampage set off by a former U.S. Army now "Blackdeath" sniper's precision shot to the head of an Iraqi motorist stuck in a traffic circle setting off a frenzied "melee" of unprovoked gunfire killing thirteen more stranded unarmed Iraqi motorists by other also since federally sentenced and imprisoned criminal Blackdeath "security" same criminals now killing since their newest transparently evasive vintage Cheney change in name only the same continuous unreformed Cheney originated unaudited and in any case totally inappropriate uncontrolled "security" pure criminal profiteering conspiracy for the unprecedented "private protection" of active official U.S. military personnel who watched in horror as the highly armed undisciplined Cheney security team massacred for no reason another fourteen innocent Iraqi civilians stuck in a traffic jam, not to overlook also in the aftermath of their internationally illegal U.S. unprovoked Iraqi "first strike" on Baghdad vast armies of inept criminal Cheney Halliburton unskilled "contractors" in Iraq and everywhere else no-bid "contracted" for all types of construction which should have been done by the U.S. Army Engineering Corps including building crumbling extremely dangerous faulty immediately failing infrastructure on which U.S. military lives depended for such things as landing fighter jets on "new" runways already upon completion in the condition of crumbled "concrete" not to mention myriad other racketeering friends and colleagues from Cheney's relentlessly "colorful" past.
     Noteworthy perhaps the only thing Cheney ever was known to have done in his "free" time (his time always cost someone something) included that while in office Cheney in his personal leisure time (really) missed a bird and shot a Texas lawyer in the chest with a shotgun blast one pellet from which almost killed the lawyer instantly lodged just millimeters from the lawyer's heart for which the lawyer later said Cheney never did say "he was sorry".
     When questioned in the instant matter on Cheney's torturous actions unlike the silent others Cheney blithely responded that he presumably as to all countries to which he had not yet laid waste would torture again in a heartbeat again whomever it was apparently should someone just hand him the necessary button to push or joystick to pull. The rest of the Bush-Cheney C.I.A. torturers chose to distance themselves from the "Cheney approach" ever adopting their familiar comfortable air of complete dishonesty so far under the contrived delusion of the C.I.A. ever having been a relatively successful agency for one so stupendously failed repeatedly inadvertently creating the global monsters whose most familiar slogan is "Death to America" then left on the next C.I.A. adventure leaving for the unfortunate U.S. military impossible fights at a cost of untold thousands of Americans lives and limbs continuing on to the C.I.A.s next mistake in an effectively continuously funded seemingly without limit "black budget" regardless of its dismal history seemingly viewed by its routinely lying officials as some permanent serial entitlement program doubtless not having been established as it acts which is as if its own fourth branch of government only because the Founding Fathers forgot probably because the C.I.A. only was authorized albeit with great reservation in 1947 with only foreign jurisdiction answerable to none except under duress and with then exclusively with lies and distortions such "finesse" requiring a preceding lifelong nonchalant bravado handed down generation to generation at a few Ivy League colleges.
     Those being other than the C.I.A. leadership of recent years which may at some point actually experience the loss of their "grace" of living above U.S. and world law much like their hanged or self-poisoned before they could be hanged historical fellow torturers, murderers, kidnappers, and patrons of the deranged criminally insane medical experimenters to name but a few but nevertheless all conspiring and attempting to do so thus no matter be it one or the whole sick gang they have acted altogether in furtherance of the C.I.A. Torture Program comprising a vast conspiracy committing war crimes against humanity presuming these criminal Bush-Cheney administration and C.I.A. torture officials share at least some minimal accordance with the norms of human conduct may have or soon will be even if picked off one finding themselves inevitably gripped by an unfamiliar aggravated personal anxiety or even morbid dread (although not of torture such as they committed but still not of a much better dread of a small personal concrete windowless underground prison cell) consumed with the fundamentally disturbing reality that the entire probable remainder of their lives imminently may become a living hell hung on but a thin reed should they at any moment accidentally take a step abroad (or if not then kidnapped possibly by former experienced former C.I.A. employees and contractors now gone to redeem themselves working for an honest salary rather than in furtherance of torture for the C.I.A. but now instead in the service of the scales of justice at the World Court) or failing all that also presumably at Obama's mere latest inexplicable whim perhaps his desire not to decimate his legacy as the "Chamberlain of America" when if unpunished doubtless the "alleged but very well documented" gang of Bush-Cheney C.I.A. Torture Program human rights war crimes participants and their lawless bureaucratic progeny once again are left to run wild around the globe only be encouraged further on their latest whim to continue murder, also torture crimes useless to the U.S. national security but obviously enormously helpful to terrorists funding and recruiting worldwide, and related kidnappings including the occasional torturing of innocent kidnapped citizens from formerly friendly nations as a matter of policy should "Torture Champ" Obama not change his direction back toward sanity on the matter ceasing his obstruction of justice of torture prosecutions having no possibly believable legal basis whatsoever and ordering the D.O.J. to prosecute the torturers therefore finally faced with the discomforting vision of being thrown if found guilty by a jury of their peers in private Florence, Colorado Supermax cells (with toilet) or their equivalent the criminal Bush-Cheney administration and CIA torture officials, co-conspirators, attempted co-conspirators, accomplices including all those before and after the commission of heinous criminal acts as well as obstructing justice found guilty of violating U.S. criminal statutes and international treaties, conventions and laws against torture including war crimes against humanity who here below declined (refused) as usual to respond to statements of former and present CIA officials admitting to their latest dishonest gross interference with justice as military and civilian lawyers in the below-linked article from the Washington Post reveal as set out in the heading of this post that earlier this year military prosecutors became aware of a cache of thousands of CIA photographs which the CIA likely had hidden from the military prosecutors or in any case "made them hard to find". English and writing students are advised that the preceding paragraph should be sparingly plagiarized without significant editing. Yes it was written as their final contribution by the Ninth Amendment's interns now on their "field trip" to visit the Ninth Amendment underground worldwide Tanguska base of operations and main editorial desk.
     Consistent with the CIA's routine criminal culture of illegal behavior including institutionalized cover-ups of grossly reprehensible blatantly unlawful acts the CIA made documentation incriminating to the CIA essentially inaccessible by having in this case first self-selected what CIA torture documents to reveal to Senate investigators and later federal prosecutors as well by segregating them from the CIA's other electronic records and keeping them on electronic drives at a "secret location in Virginia" that the CIA controls. Meanwhile earlier this year the CIA was stopped just before the CIA intended to misuse a new federal document "housekeeping" act to knowingly wrongfully dispose of countless thousands of doubtless incriminating to the CIA documents evidencing its widespread criminal malfeasance after having kept them only a brief period totally which the CIA doubtless knew to be criminally inadequate by federal records standards and was an obvious attempted inapplicable CIA characteristically criminal abuse of the Act.
     At the "secret location" the CIA presumably through its own endemic ineptitude revealed to Senate staff investigators the so-called "Panetta Report" (now kept locked in a Senate office building safe) proving that the materials the CIA made available in an enormous quantity of thousands of intentionally scrambled documentation in no coherent order were dumped on them to thwart Senate staff investigators so as to hide the CIA's illegal human rights war crime torture practices. The mess of documents the CIA provided were in any case largely bogus misleading "drafts" and presented a totally fraudulent account of the CIA's miserably failed criminal "'Torture Program" following the horrible 9/11 attacks. At the time the torture program then being "designed" was described by the CIA official formerly responsible for CIA counter-terrorism as a "train wreck waiting to happen" before the CIA official abruptly permanently departed the CIA.
    The photos now revealed reportedly document the interior and exterior of so-called CIA "Black Sites" including in Thailand, Afghanistan with its notorious "Salt Pit" torture dungeon, Poland, Romania and Lithuania also including CIA and foreign intelligence officials who now do not wish to be seen fearing "retaliation" for illegally torturing "detainees", as well as the equally inept socio-psychopath so-called "Torture Psychologists" Bruce Jessen and James Mitchell who designed the CIA's "Torture Program". The uncovered illegally hidden CIA photos in addition to photos of prisoners kept naked in transit furthermore include photos of some of the CIA devices used to commit CIA human rights war crimes used to torture them.
     The far-reaching impacts of this revelation on many ongoing Guantanamo Bay as well as other existing and far overdue prosecutions including senior members of the criminal Bush-Cheney administration and its conspiring criminal CIA officials as well as those responsible for directly acting as its actual torturers including those having committed war crimes against humanity have yet to be prosecuted in the United States or abroad is potentially vast but again evidence of heinous actions against humanity simply ignored. To date President Obama permanently destroys his legacy regardless of what else he does having forbidden the U.S. Justice Department to prosecute a single one of these criminal torturers as the whole world waits.
     The photos obviously have been kept classified by the CIA criminals as usual not for valid "national security" reasons but for their own criminal "personal security" reasons to keep evidence of their illegal, brutal and torturous behavior from the U.S. public and the world community for fear of the devastating personal consequences to them for their criminal behavior which they believe they can engage in with impunity. This particularly with the protection of the FISA monkey rubber stamp courts the Founding Fathers never endorsed nor would have tolerated which to date have rubber stamped all illegal Executive Branch unconstitutional activities. They have brought shame upon the United States worldwide consistently condoning criminal actions in secret courts in trash unreleased "opionions". The Founding Fathers doubtless outraged would called upon all free thinking Americans to get out their weapons and secure more having easily found as compelling another American revolution to demolish these Bush-Cheney Administration and CIA criminals whose actions are not only as bad but sickeningly worse than the British.
     CIA repeated efforts since before the time of the release of the U.S. Senate Torture report and continuing after its revelations even to the present dishonestly to demonstrate falsely that torture produced any significant reliable information (in any case irrelevant to the commission of torture) demonstrates the continuing well-founded concern of those U.S. former and/or present officials responsible for these barbaric acts that the day inevitably will come when those responsible will be prosecuted at home and/or abroad for all applicable crimes including but not limited to human torture and war crimes against humanity.
     Readers interested in more information regarding the huge hidden CIA cache including various photos of the Bush-Cheney senior administration torture commanding office holders and conspirators as well as CIA torturer accessories before and after the fact, CIA torturers and their senior CIA conspiring torture program conspiring bosses, CIA torture program kidnappee tortured "detainees" being transported by the CIA at various illegal CIA "black site" torture facilities, photographs evidencing the on-site presence witnessing torture techniques they had designed unsuccessfully to circumvent United Nations Torture Conventions and U.S. and international laws demonstrating the on-site culpability of CIA "torture psychologists" Bruce Jessen and James Mitchell paid $80 million by the CIA to design "enhanced interrogation" torture devices with no prior formal interrogation experience the philosophy of which had been long ago disproved as providing nothing but thoroughly unreliable disinformation as thoroughly documented in the U.S. Air Force Field Manual and the C.I.A.'s own prior interrogation manual which was not consulted and/or completely ignore, with further photographs establishing on-site black site torture program witness culpability of senior U.S. Bush/Cheney and its CIA administration officials as well as documenting the on-site culpability of foreign officials witnessing acts of torture all of which incriminating evidence of torture was found by military prosecutors to whom it had not been disclosed by the CIA, nor to defense counsel, nor to the American public in CIA obstruction of justice and cover-up of illegal acts by withholding evidence ordered produced from discovery. Readers interested in more information concerning the above discovery by military prosecutors of the CIA's hidden torture and torture program photos can go to the Washington Post link directly following:

     Finally as recently as the following first link below to an article dated Sunday, 20 December 2015 interested readers can find in newly just-discovered evidence of final "go-ahead" approval by President Barack Obama - Senior President Advisor Valerie Jarrett "Kill Lists" for their last step final approval "greenlighting" of U.S. drone assassinations in documents previously unavailable to the public documenting and detailing President Obama administration's drone assassination program which printed documents and accompanying confirm the widespread murderous use of usually Predator drones deploying Hellfire missiles providing legal proof of assassinations in non-combatant foreign sovereign nations by order of through the Office of the President of the United States.
     Despite President Obama's intimations otherwise the widespread mass murder of innocent civilians abroad in peaceful nations by U.S. drones including foreign nationals killed and/or injured by known non-precision kill strikes by the President and the Pentagon and CIA have been responsible for large-scale murder in many theaters of operation extending from the Middle East in nearly all directions including through a string of U.S. drone bases stretching down the continent of Africa in addition to other drones used for the assassination of U.S. citizens including on and off U.S. soil intentionally assassinated in murders committed by  officials of the United States government. The use of drones for the killing in the sovereign airspace and territory of other nations against none of which the United States has declared war under the Constitution by and/or through the direct order of the President of the United States is in direct violation of the Geneva Convention, the U.S. Constitution and many other United States and international laws.
     Readers interested in more information on U.S. mass ground assassination "deaths by drones" operating under no geographical limitation from above firing alleged "precision" Hellfire missiles but without positive "strike kill" personal identification confirmation possible, President Obama's drone "kill list" assassination final approval authority including its reported Presidential ongoing delegation to at least both the since "repositioned" CIA's "the Wolf" aka "Mike" aka "Roger" subject of previous Ninth Amendment posts along with also the similarly empowered but allegedly since "retired" highest ranking Pentagon civilian employee Michael G. Vickers (USD-1) Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence who in addition had direct authority over the military's huge intelligence budget said to dwarf that of other intelligence agencies such as the CIA, as well as the CIA's and other U.S. entities' largely unacknowledged culpability for increasingly globally alleged drone mass murder civilian casualty "collateral damage" can go to the link(s) below the first being to the above-mentioned article more recently published than the second :



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