31 January 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Outgoing Defense Secretary Hagel Breaks Ranks With Obama Administration Says He Would Not Sign Certification Releasing Guantanamo Detainees Without Assurance They Will Pose No Threat To American Forces

     Saturday, 31 January 2015, WASHINGTON, D.C. - In an exclusive interview with CNN outgoing Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel broke ranks with the Obama Administration which continues years-long efforts to close the Guantanamo Bay detention and torture facility by saying that he as Defense Secretary would not sign any certification releasing detainees without assurance that they will not pose any future risk to United States servicemen and women. Hagel at the same time claimed that about 30% of those released will reappear on the battlefield with the Taliban fighting American troops. Last December outgoing Defense Secretary Hagel nevertheless expressed confidence that Afghan security forces are capable of themselves defending Kabul against the Taliban. The prior announcement of Hagel's (rumored forced) resignation as Defense Secretary was made late last November due to "job stress" and "decisions on ISIS/ISIL". Wikepedia - Chuck Hagel.
       Meanwhile Ed Royce (R-CA) Chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs likewise took the opportunity of an interview with CNN to raise alarm as to what Royce claimed was a plan to release in contrast to Hagel's 30% figure the five highest risk detainees kept at Guantanamo who Royce claimed were all Taliban "leaders" two of whom Royce moreover claims have ties to Al-Qaeda. Royce claimed that after one year's detention in Qatar the five would be allowed to return to the battlefied. Further Royce stated that he believes such detainees should be kept in Guantanamo until such time as the Taliban is no longer an active fighting or organized force either in Afghanistan nor now also Pakistan. Royce volunteered no timeframe as to when he believed that might occur.
       Despite the Obama Adiminstration's long efforts to empty Guantanamo Bay pursuant to President Obama's original campaign promise and mandate those efforts have been delayed but not stopped altogether by among other things Congress' refusal to provide adequate funding to remove and place the detainees combined with the Obama Administrtion's difficulties apparently in finding suitable host destination countries. Meanwhile as the numbers of detainees at Guantanamo allegedly were decreased reportedly at least for some time the CIA simultaneously had been accused of "night dumping" of new detainees at Guantanamo presumably largely from CIA global "black sites" who for whatever reasons it no longer had been feasible for the CIA to keep at those sites. This practice would of course be facilitated by the CIA's apparent historical long-term inability for whatever reason to count the exact number of detainees held by the CIA at Guantanamo as to which detainees the CIA therefore has claimed a resultant inability to report exact numbers to superiors and overseers.
       The national and worldwide cries to empty and close Guantanamo of course have been greatly increased due to the horrific revelations made public by the release of the Bush Administration CIA Torture Report by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence concerning the never-before-known unreported scope or brutality and inhumanity rising beyond the level of torture to war crimes. This torture and these war crimes against humanity were committed by the CIA in conspiracy with the Bush Administration at Guantanamo Bay where the CIA undertook completely unprepared a torture program developed for the CIA by two "contract" hack psychologists for over $80 million of taxpayers' money.
       What American taxpayers got for the $80 million the CIA paid the two hack contract psychologists apparently was a "plan" including to chain detainees hanging from ceilings, chaining them to freezing cement floors overnight such that one was even murdered by this exposure, waterboarding including one detainee at least 83 times being made to believe he had drowned and to the point of total non-responsiveness, cramming detainees in small suitcases smeared with feces, mock executions, and one apparently unplanned particularly noteworthy horrorshow in which an apparently more unstable than the average CIA operative later sent home early for "anger management issues" without further punishment put an electric drill to the head of a detainee and forced the detainee to play Russian Roulette along with the angry CIA operative.
       Considering that these years of torture and war crimes against humanity committed by the CIA including its officials at the time and continuing to illegally cover-up with lies all the way to this day as well as top Bush Administration officials and their "hack" lawyers yielded absolutely no actionable intelligence whatsoever which anyone involved is capable of specifically identifying it is not known if Americans received their $80 million back from the two contract psychologists who must have spent at least fifteen minutes thinking up this brilliant torture plan (and then probably a couple more years trying to make it sound reasonable and come up with the equally imaginative euphemistic term "enhanced interrogation"). Perhaps these two psychologists also might be reined in on conspiracy charges where they too might experience "enhanced confinement" in a "federal secured enhanced rehabilitation facility").
        Finally as President Obama also has emphasized the amount of money Americans now are paying to hold each of these detainees numbers in the millions of dollars totaling at most recent reports more than $150 million annually to the Defense Department to maintain the Guantanamo detention facility. Apparently of the now than 127 detainees fully 80-90 have been "cleared" but with nowhere to go. Congress has prevented any from being sent to United States soil to be tried, imprisoned or for any other reason. Meanwhile what was an entire United States Naval Base on Cuba now must be maintained as a "military prison" as of January 2015 with a staff of over 6,000 service members, contractors and civilians to watch over the remaining 127 detainees of whom a small handful are thought to be a future risk. That totals at least 50 keepers for each detainee as well as the need to keep the entire facility open.
       Every day the remaining detainees are held uncharged untried unsentenced in a legal limbo anathema to every principle of American jurisprudence ultimately in the words of eighty-three (83) retired United States Generals and flag officers these remaining detainees serve first and foremost as one thing: "A recruiting poster" for terrorists who would declare the United States their enemy all over the world. In other words in every way Guantanamo represents the very absolute of everything it was meant to accomplish and a living monument to American failure.

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Ninth Amendment Suffers Interference And Reported Pageviews Plummet Since Reporting CIA And Bush Administratioon Officials Going Unpunished For Torture Crimes Against Humanity After Past Month "Visit" To Ninth Amendment By Apparent CIA "Front" Firm Alleged Service Provider Network Barrett Woodyard & Associates

       Saturday, 31 January 2015, MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -  The editorial board of the Ninth Amendment seeks the help of all well-intentioned readers who believe in the vital necessity of the right to free speech and the press as embodied in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution as indispensable to a free and open society unintimidated by the State and as far more essential to that freedom than readers' immediate agreement or disagreement with the Ninth Amendment's apparent view or tone in the publishing of any particular post which it has the undeniable right and indeed in our belief duty to publish.      
       Namely the Ninth Amendment makes the unprecedented request in all seriousness that all individuals of good intention who read this post bear witness to the following not only to help protect these vital American liberties but to protect the continued vitality and well-being of the Ninth Amendment as symbolic of all free speech of individuals and of the press in any form including "blogs" to demonstrate and reinforce that no person or publication will not be cowed from exercising their free expression but in fact will be empowered by attempted acts against their well-being which will only serve to strengthen them and their readership and collectively serve to protect all from future Government encroachments or of those of other private parties who may seek unlawfully to silence them.
        Specifically after studying Google reported performance statistics and Google Analytics apparent underlying site-specific information as to entities impacting site readership in all its aspects the Ninth Amendment has concluded after considering all other apparent reasonable possibilities that the Ninth Amendment in the past month has suffered a steep decline in reported pageviews accompanied by bizarrely near impossible other Google reported performance statistics barring some gross outside manipulation.
       These historically unprecedented irregularities for this site which has been published on Google Blogger consistently without any fundamental such drastic change for about the past eight years moreover apparently coincide with two distinct events. One "originates" with the Ninth Amendment itself which for a period of a couple weeks more than the past month has reported significantly more posts on the recently released facts of the CIA Detention and Torture Program at Guantanamo Bay as well as various identified "Black Sites" in foreign countries as partially detailed in the Torture Report released 9 December 2014 by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) as well as the near-universally agreed culpability of and therefore necessary but so far neglected prosecution of senior Bush Administration as well as CIA officials for commission of acts of torture under existing United States law as well as for crimes against humanity under signatory International Treaties and Human Rights Conventions including requiring a statement of compliance by the Obama Administration before the United Nations Committee on Torture. 
       The second appears to be related to a one-time site visit on 30 December 2014 captured by Google Analytics of a reported service provider network of the reported name Barrett Woodyard & Associates reportedly of Malibu, California lasting a reported four minutes and sixteen seconds (4:16) and visiting a reported ten (10) pages of the Ninth Amendment. Since the approximate date of that visit the Google reported overall Ninth Amendment pageviews and particularly those relating to Bush Administration and CIA officials past and present torture and human rights abuses without explanation have plummeted relative to all historical site experience. What greatly reduced pageviews have been reported are of unlikely pageviews of posts years past often originating reportedly from countries rarely or never before having had readers of the Ninth Amendment but as stated above strangely reportedly nevertheless emanate from a very small number of reported browsers and operating systems suggesting obvious manipulation and coordination.
       First let us take a look at the more or less outstanding performance in the latter months of 2014 of the Ninth Amendment relative to its own prior performance approximately up to the time of its postings concerning and leading up to the weeks before the public disclosure of the SSCI Torture Report up to and after which time a significant number of Ninth Amendment posts have focused on the Bush Administration and CIA Officials' conspiracy to conduct its illegal detention and torture program and its attempted interference with investigation of and disclosure of the true facts of that program right up to the present. Exhibit "A" below.

Graph of Blogger page views
                                                       Exhibit "A"                        
       Next let us observe the search information available on the reported service provider network Barrett Woodyard & Associates reportedly of Malibu, California "visiting" the Ninth Amendment for a single time as reported by Google Analytics on 30 November 2015 for a reported period of four minutes and sixteen seconds (4:16) visiting a reported 10 pages of the Ninth Amendment. When we run the search on one of our preferred search engines Privatlee for the following specific search "barrett woodyard & associates" which we encourage readers to do for themselves. As can be observed in Exhibit "A" above the Ninth Amendment pageviews have plummeted from more or less exactly that time.
       Now here is the result of the Privatlee search "barrett woodward & associates" "central intelligence agency" which readers were asked directly above to perform as is presented here as Exhibit "B":

Web Images

Results 1 - 13 of about 13

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    Barnett Consulting Engineers, Inc. Barrett Woodyard & Associates Baskervill ... Cellwatch Central Intelligence Agency Centris CFR Engineering Consultants
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  3. 2014 Design Forecast - Gensler

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    Lead411's Company profiles including all companies from A to Z. ... Company/Phone: CEO/Industry: Email / Co Size: City / IT Technologies: Schneider National Inc
  5. Annual Report 2008-2009 - University Career Center

    US Central Intelligence Agency. 1. 4. Vanguard. 1. 20. Wachovia. 1. 12. Totals ...... Barrett Woodyard & Associates. Rabinowitz, Brad. BASF Corporation. Dillon ...
  6. Directory - InsideView - Market Intelligence for Sales and ...

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    Server Location

                                                             Exhibit "B"

       The Ninth Amendment does not here attempt to delve further into the implications of some of the search results found at this time but does wish to preserve a record and encourages interested readers to do so. Readers however are asked please to well note and bear witness to the coincidence in every case of the two search terms in each result one of which reportedly is a "network service provider" which reportedly visited the Ninth Amendment just around the time of its reported dive in pageviews particularly of recent posts which as it turns out largely concern the second search term.
       Although the page copied from the Privatlee search and sought to be pasted here as Exhibit "B" did not paste in its entirety readers who have performed or do perform the Privatlee search themselves should unless it has been altered find a most curious search return which for unknown reasons is omitted here. In that search return the Central Intelligence Agency appears to be making a $250.00 donation to the Mitt Romney presidential election campaign as duly noted by the FEC. However for the time-being the Ninth Amendment wishes to stay on point focused on the commonality between the two entities whose co-appearance in search results is inescapable. 
       Meanwhile readers should further be aware and bear witness to the fact that after repeatedly requesting corrective action from Google nearly daily along with transmitted specific screenshots of site performance statistics the Ninth Amendment has received absolutely no communication nor any other apparent action from Google in response to its requests. 
       These screenshots repeatedly have shown Google in the limited number of pageviews Google has reported that many are from obscure countries never before seen by the Ninth Amendment in results which reportedly contrary to all prior experience are for old posts with almost none for the newer posts which unsurprisingly encompass the focus on the misdeeds and culpability of the Bush Administration and past and present CIA officials. Meanwhile additionally even though the pageviews reportedly originate from a hodgepodge of most unlikely countries other reported statistics show Google that these obscure countries at far different points on the globe are using the exact same operating systems and browsers.
       The performance statistics the Ninth Amendment has seen in the past month have gone from the virtually statistically impossible to the utterly absurd although the attempted ultimate result of these disruptions in reporting of statistics which unfortunately have extended some readers report to the interference or disruption of their access to Ninth Amendment posts are anything but an absurd joke as they appear to be a dead serious effort to stifle one more American voice which is that of the Ninth Amendment.
       In conclusion the editorial board of the Ninth Amendment makes the unprecedented request of readers that they bear witness to all that is set out in this post and do not forget it. That is the best hope for preserving the Ninth Amendment's and all Americans' freedom of speech and the press essential to a free society under the United States Constitution. Rather than stifling speech ideally it will strengthen it as we ask all readers sufficiently concerned who have not read posts in the past month or slightly more if at anytime please to peruse them now if possible.
       If there are those who would seek to interfere or discourage the writing and/or reading of those posts that is most likely where readers will find exactly what it is they keep out of the public eye and thus avoid public clamor that justice be done by the Obama Administration. Please do not let them succeed. Should readers of the Ninth Amendment suffer any interference the Ninth Amendment editorial board believes the best remedy is that all contact their internet service provider, Google and news media contacts directly. The editorial board as always expresses its gratitude to all readers and visitors to this site of good intention and in this case especially those who have persevered to the end of this post.

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29 January 2015

FREE Computer Safety Checkups And Anti-Virus Software Links From StaySafeOnline.org Powered By The National Cyber Security Alliance

       Thursday, 29 January 2015, CYBERSPACE, USA - The Ninth Amendment in its never-ending quest among other things to identify valuable and whenever possible free consumer information, services and so on for interested readers recommends the following site as one very good source for accessible cyber security information. The National Cyber Security Alliance powers staysafeonline.org which provides a portal to a vast amount of cyber security information just one area of which is a list of free computer safety checkups and anti-virus software links at http://staysafeonline.org/stay-safe-online/free-security-check-ups/. STOP. THINK. CONNECT.

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28 January 2015

UPDATED: Fugitive Founder Julian Assange And Wikileaks Consider Legal Action Against U.S. Government And Google For Illegal Search And Seizure Of Gmails And Other Data Without Notice From Google Of Wkiileaks' Journalists

       Wednesday, 28 January 2015. GENEVA - Wikilleaks and its fugitive editor Jullian Assange through one of their lawyers Michael A. Ratner is demanding information and details about the search and seizure of three of Wikileaks' "whistleblowing" journalists' emails and other data by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and provided by Google pursuant to warrant(s) issued over two-and-one-half years ago. Since the subjects never were notified by Google of this demand for their private communications and data they thus were prevented from fighting the warrants in court. The New York Times in the below linked article reports that they are considering initiating a court action now against DOJ and Google related to this action and the failure to notify them.
       Google Chairman Eric Schmidt issued a statement that it was the "policy" of Google to inform parties in instances where such information was demanded but implied that despite Google's desire to do so the failure here was due to a gag order issued against Google "which sadly happens quite often". Google previously has taken legal action against the Government as to such demands for private information as well as the Government's wholesale collection of such information by "grabbing it out of the air" as in the well-publicized case of the NSA breaking Google's code for internal data point-to-point transmissions as part of the NSA's collection of metadata on all Americans and others without regard for "reasonable suspicion", "probable cause", nor any other limitation.
       However the facts here are instructive to all members of the public with Google accounts as they seem to demonstrate Google whatever claims Google may make as to the security of Gmail and other "private" data apparently it in reality is not willing ultimately to go to any efforts whatsoever to help protect the privacy of individuals' Gmail and other "private" data from disclosure to the Government. Google's Eric Schmidt gave no indication at all that Google makes any effort in such cases to fight a Government "gag order" so as even to alert Google account holders so that they can mount a legal defense as to even wrongfully issued search and seizure orders in violation of the Fourth Amendment. Therefore false claims aside Google rolls over immediately without any fight even regarding giving notice to individuals that the Government has sought their Gmails and "private" data. In conclusion Google gave the Government individuals' Gmail and other "private" data without any fight whatsoever because when faced with a gag order Google did not even contest it so that the individuals could at least mount their own defense.
       "Gag orders" are particularly anathema to a free society which places a premium on freedom of speech and the press and are a form of "prior restraint" which is repugnant to the most core values of the United States Constitution. Since the Wikileaks' journalists' Gmails and other "private" data unfortunately entrusted to Google obviously were in no danger of being destroyed by the journalists and it is not as if since the disclosures of Edward Snowden especially Wikileaks is unaware it has been a prime target of U.S. Government presumably officials unwilling to operate in the public eye but prosecute whomever they can so as to shut then up so as to continue to operate protected by the "dark cloak of secrecy" hidden from public scrutiny the issuance of "gag orders" here is yet another example demonstating that they know they likely not only cannot withstand public scrutiny but even a legitimate challenge leveled against them in open court.
       This is but one more example of why individuals should consider applying for an invitation to a free ProtonMail email account based in Switzerland as described in any earlier post as others such as Hushmail and Statmail ultimately are susceptible to government intrusion whether by pressure on the Canadian government in British Columbia in the case of Hushmail or otherwise as to supposedly "secure" email encrypted accounts. Likewise if computer users do not wish to be tracked by governments or anyone else the stand-alone favorite is the "Tor" browser which can be researched on Wikepedia and other sites and freely downloaded from the internet.
       Despite Google's well-publicized seemingly antagonistic relationship to the U.S. Government executive branch in this area this must at the same time be tempered by Google's widely known ventures with the executive branch. One example is with the C.I.A. through that agency's In-Q-Tel investment arm providing services to several national intelligence agencies here in a joint venture with Google Ventures in the web monitoring package of the company Recorded Future described as the "the ultimate tool for open-source intelligence". Open-source intelligence is publicly available information from a wide variety of sources which can be amassed and organized to provide reputedly valuable intelligence information by any party. Readers interested in more detail regarding the above and other national security agency investment relationships with Google are referred initially to the wired.com article at the link http://www.wired.com/2010/07/exclusive-google-cia/.
       Finally as to the Obama Administration's DOJ under departing Attorney General Eric Holder that department has undertaken unprecedented efforts to prosecute sources of unauthorized leaks of "security" information notably including aggressively using legal process against journalists and the press to attempt to force them to reveal their sources. This was demonstrated most recently in the subject of the immediately preceding Ninth Amendment post regarding the espionage conviction earlier this week of former C.I.A. agent Jeffrey Sterling which included efforts ultimately dropped to force New York Times reporter James Risen to reveal his source whose identity in the end was identified not by Mr. Risen but by reportedly very strong circumstantial evidence presented at Mr. Sterling's trial.
       The circumstances of these various legal actions and others in their totality would seem to point to a certain amount of ambiguity in the Obama Administration's perceived espoused concerns for the protection of privacy and freedom of speech rights of individuals and the press versus the reality of the unprecedented or continuing actions of the Obama Administration that seemingly intrude on them to a degree rarely or never seen before.

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26 January 2015

UPDATED NEWS: Former C.I.A. Officer Jeffrey Sterling Convicted Of Espionage For Providing Information To N.Y. Times Reporter James Risen On C.I.A. Operation To Feed Inaccurate Nuclear Information Via Russian Scientist To Iran As Obama Administration Continues "Unprecedented Crackdown"

       Monday, 26 January 2015, ALEXANDRIA, VA - Former C.I.A. officer Jeffrey Sterling today was convicted in federal court of espionage for providing information to New York Times reporter James Risen about a C.I.A. operation to leak intentionally flawed nuclear schematic information to Iran via a Russian scientist. The New York Times in the below article on the conviction today calls it part of the Obama administration's "unprecedented crackdown on officials who speak to journalists about security matters without the Administration's approval". The Ninth Amendment without further comment other than that in the next paragraph provides below a link to the article.
       The Ninth Amendment editorial board does observe that given the serious implications as to freedom of speech and the press under the First Amendment not to mention the specter prosecution "whistleblowers" including as to government waste and abuse raised by this case it appears that the standard that the New York Times sets out in the above quote is likely not a precise recitation of its scope as a standard encompassing all "security" matters without limitation as to type or timeframe seems susceptible to a very broad interpretation.
       The Ninth Amendment in an 18 January 2015 post below did provide a link to an article by a reporter attending Mr. Sterling's trial which described the C.I.A. "Operation Merlin" in considerably less charitable terms characterizing it as an unlikely, mismanaged, uncoordinated plot which not only wasted large amounts of resources but because of a lack of coordination of scientists preparing and reviewing what were supposed to be flawed nuclear plans also inadvertently have have provided Iran with nuclear schematics that indeed were helpful in the development of Iran's nuclear program.


       UPDATE: The following Reuters article further includes Attorney Geberal Etic Holder's comments on the case, some information on Holder DOJ's subpeoena history with AP and the press, as well as provides Jeffrey Sterling's sentencing date of 24 April 2015.


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Petition Demanding FCC Not Let ALEC, Koch Brothers, AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Time Warner, Big Telecommunications, Cable Nor Anyone Else Grab Your Internet Bandwith Or There Will Be No Getting Net Neutrality Back

24 January 2015

"Perpetuating Guantanamo's Travesty": New York Times Entire Editorial Board Again Opines On Failure Of The United States Government Yet To Close The Prison Site Of CIA Torture Of "Detainees" Never Charged Many Still Held Which At Least 38 Retired U.S. Generals And Flag Officers Say Is A "Betrayal Of American Values" And A "Recruiting Poster For Terrorists"

       Saturday, 24 January 2015, NEW YORK, NEW YORK - The New York Times entire editorial board in the below linked-to editorial from the 18 January 2015 New York Times Sunday Review opines that it is a "travesty" now the responsibility of the Obama Administration that the United States continues to operate at Guantanamo Bay the United States site of years of the documented imprisonment of a strangely uncertain number of so-called "War On Terror" foreign "detainees". Imagine the absurdity not to mention the consequences for a prison warden in the United States were she or he to report that they were unable to provide the exact number of prisoners they had incarcerated because he or she was unable accurately to count them.
       Moreover the conditions at Guantanamo Bay horrified as "inhumane" even U.S. Bureau of Prisons officials who said they had never seen humans anywhere so "sensory deprived"  when these officials toured the CIA torture "dungeons" of never charged, tried, convicted, nor sentenced "detainees". A great deal of information previously undisclosed just recently was made partially public by the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence ("SSCI") in its Bush Administration CIA "Torture Report" in the form of its 524-page redacted executive summary public release on 9 December 2014 with the remainder of the over six thousand (6.000) page $40 million Torture Report to date remaining "Classified" .
       The following brief excerpt from the New York Times editorial of last Sunday linked to in full directly below as quoted here documents prior attempts at action on Guantanamo Bay by Senator John McCain (himself revered throughout this Country for his service which included years himself spent as a prisoner of war in enemy captivity during the Vietnam War - or "Conflict" in official DOD documents - infuriating his North Vietnamese captors upon refusing even to be released when it was not yet his "turn") here speaking on the United States Senate floor:
In November 2013, Mr. McCain, backing a failed initiative that would have authorized transferring some Guantánamo detainees to the United States,read out loud on the Senate floor a letter from 38 retired generals and flag officers who supported shutting the facility.
“Guantánamo is a betrayal of American values,” the former military officers wrote. “The prison is a symbol of torture and justice delayed. More than a decade after it opened, Guantánamo remains a recruiting poster for terrorists, which makes us all less safe.” 
       In the letter Senator John McCain as can be seen read that 38 retired United States generals and flag officers called the continued operation of the Guantanamo Bay imprisonment and CIA "detainee" torture site "a betrayal of American values" and "a recruiting poster for terrorists, which makes us all less safe". This result is antithetical to what anyone except a terrorist would want. That is because to the extent there is a "War On Terror" Guantanamo's continued existence and operation contrary to American values stands as a living monument to the wrong side winning by appearing to all the world to have forced the United States to sacrifice its must fundamental values in order to save them. Not only that but as the former military officers state rather than making all Americans more secure the continuing operation of Guantanamo instead creates a more dangerous situation by spurring recruitment of terrorists "which makes us all less safe".
       It is a most scathing indictment of Guantanamo Bay that its historical and continued operation as a United States "detention facility" fully documented already as contrary to all accepted United States principles of jurisprudence and totally at odds with the human rights of all persons as well as the fundamental values informing the United States Constitution but moreover has been and still is wrongly "justified" as necessary to preserve and protect the United States and all American values. It however in fact while allegedly doing so in reality has all along been doing exactly the opposite. Guantanamo has come to represent before all the world community living proof of the abandonment of those very same American values that it would purport to preserve and protect.
       This broadcasts completely the wrong message to all lovers and defenders of ordered and defined liberty and those who love this Country for all that for which it stands surely none more so than the American people themselves that the enduring values of the Unites States which have seen this great Nation all the way from the American Revolution of the 18th Century up through the darkest times of the 20th Century no longer are sufficient but instead must be tossed aside without debate mush less Constitutional amendment in times of perceived crisis. Meanwhile the 21st Century seems in just its first fifteen years to the present to have consisted ceaselessly of one never constitutionally declared so-called "War" to the next.


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