28 November 2015

NSA Lied For Decades Secretly Engaged In Illegal Continuous Surveillance Of Entire Domestic U.S. NSA Spying Degrades Constitution Violates People's Core Rights NSA Has Sacrificed People's Essential Liberties To Purchase A Little Temporary Security All NSA Together Has Shown Less True Courage Than Edward Snowden Alone As President Obama Review Team Determines NSA Years-Long Unconstitutional Blanket Spying Likely Caught Not Even One Single Terrorist - NSA Program Ordered Shut Down By Midnight - EDIT 2

       Saturday, 28 November 2015, WASHINGTON, D.C.- The United States National Security Agency (NSA) by law is to shut down the NSA's bulk phone surveillance spying program by midnight tonight EST. A Presidential review concluded that the years-long illegal program did not result in a single clear counter-terrorism breakthluesrough. Interested readers can go to the first link 1 below to a very brief informational video. The NSA had its illegal bulk phone surveillance program halted months earlier by the U.S. Congress until a new bulk phone surveillance program starts with phone companies rather than the State recording all customers' calls for later State listening only after rubber-stamp monkey warrant issue.
     For those interested in other notable developments in the NSA odyssey in these most recent months the NSA had been halted from continuing its illegal phone surveillance spying program well before that by a lower federal court which unsurprisingly then had its injunction stayed, as the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia in the case below lifted the injunction allowing the continued illegal NSA sweep phone surveillance despite Congress' prohibition of the practice also on the grounds of a lack of "standing" by the plaintiff. Interested readers can go to the second link 2 below concerning that ruling which some may find laughable or at least worth a chuckle as it uses the "standing" device to make it virtually impossible to achieve anything but a dismissal for the complainant against the NSA as the Court rules the party lacks standing to bring the case because the plaintiff cannot specifically prove what private conversation of its the NSA had or may have spied on the Court thus dismissing the case without reaching any issue of substance such as whether the NSA's actions were unconstitutional.

(1)   http://www.nytimes.com/video/multimedia/100000004063295/nsa-to-shut-down-bulk-phone-surveillance-program-by-sunday.html


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22 November 2015

Gang Stalking Enhanced Violence COINTELPRO 2.0 Rogue Law Enforcement Criminal Gang Conspiracy Reinforced By Inept FBI Director James Comey Claimed Driven By "Terror Intercept" Surveillance Lack Of Code Keys Revives COINTELPRO Illegal Unconstitutional FBI Criminal Racketeering Enterprise Newly Released FBI "Gang Stalking" Punks To Terrorize And Criminally Harass Particularly Young Women "Targeted Individuals" As Practice "State Enemies" Brutally Menaced Without Cause By Rogue Lawless Psychotic Ex-Con "Gang Stalkers" Expands On Failed Trial FBI Disaster Styled On Former East German Stasi "Counterintelligence" Revives FBI "Psyops" Mind Control COINTELPRO Infamous Unconstitutional Criminally Deranged Blatant Gross Malicious Violations Of "Targeted Individuals" Civil Rights And State And Federal Stalking Statutes - DOJ Advises FBI Invoke Bogus Contrived Executive "State Secrets" And "National Security" Police State "Privileges"

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