31 August 2014

JAMA Internal Medicine Publishes Study Concluding With Researchers' Suspicion That Availability Of Legalized Medical Marijuana In 13 States From 1999-2010 May Be Reason For Reduced Annual Opioid Overdose Deaths By 24.8%

       Sunday, 31 August 2014, PHILADELPHIA - U.S. News & World Report in the first article with link below this post cites a recent study reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Internal Medicine concluding that the availability of legalized medical marijuana in 13 states from 1999-2010 is suspected of being responsible for a most significant drop in the the average annual rate of opioid overdose deaths by about 24.8% during that period in just those same states. That is a dramatic reduction in deaths of almost exactly one quarter.
       Researchers reporting the study's findings in JAMA Internal Medicine suspected that this steep reduction was based on the circumstance that in the states in which medical marijuana is legal opioid overdose deaths dropped greatly because patients' use of opioids as painkillers was believed to have been curtailed with some patients able to manage pain successfully by substituting marijuana which is not believed ever to have caused an overdose death.
       The link to the article is provided below for interested readers and is followed by links to two more U.S. News & World Report articles from last year with the first chronicling one man's struggle to recovery from addiction to prescription painkillers, cocaine, heroin and drinking and the second focused on his mother's perspective on his addiction.

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30 August 2014

GOP Texas Corrupt Woman-Hater A.G. "Dark Money" Greg "Payday" Abbott Exposes Truth To Public As Abbott "The General" Cancels Sole Statewide Texas Televised Debate Finally Scheduled Against Fearsome Democrat Opponent Woman Wendy Davis

        Saturday, 30 August 2014, AUSTIN, TEXAS - GOP Texas "Women Are Hoes" A.G. "Dark Money" Greg "Payday" Abbott "The General" embracing the Texas GOP credo that any Texas potential voter kept ignorant and in the dark is the Texas GOP's best hope has in the face of Abbott's crash and burning gubernatorial campaign turned and fled (behind his mother-in-law and she could be lying too) cancelling the sole statewide televised debate he previously finally had agreed to against opponent Wendy Davis after his Democratic opponent repeatedly said she would take on woman-hating Abbott 'any time, any place".
       As detailed below all major Texas Republican corrupt state public office candidates (except GOP Dan Patrick who has agreed to a sole debate against Letitia van de Putte for Texas Lieutenant Governor) including admitted felon Ken Paxton have unsurprisingly refused all Democratic opponents' debate challenges consistent with the Texas Republicans' only known strategy for election which is having dark money interests buy them into office solely through campaign donations for TV spots before running for cover as quickly as possible rather than expose themselves to any type of public scrutiny most especially in circumstances in which they are running for elected state public office. The specifics of GOP coward Abbott's and the rest of his corrupt cadre of corrupt Republican cronies' refusals to appear in any public debates before the scrutiny of Texas voters is detailed below.

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American Retirees Mostly In 50's Through 70's And Others In Increasing Numbers Sell Homes And Possessions And Leave United States For Lives Of Travel Abroad With More Than 360,000 Since 2013 Now Receiving Social Security Payments In Other Countries

       Saturday, 30 August 2014, NEW YORK, NEW YORK - For readers who are retired or in any case just not tied to the United States with a physical or mental ball and chain the Ninth Amendment Editorial Board congratulates and thanks the New York Times for reminding us all that our lives remain ours alone to do with what we wish and do not belong to the military-industrial-pharmaceutical-"political consultant" corporate state relentlessly advertising unneeded garbage and unconstitutional wars which would have us all spending our lives locked up as hostages mind and body under constant threat of unlawful State surveillance on a layaway plan sofa in front of a layaway plan plasmavision receiving deceptively overpriced empty brainless programming endlessly watching CNN looping bogus horrorshows insuring our pure terror of the street right outside our door while we watch Anderson Cooper stroll around the world for lunch us left watching wide-eyed stuck deep in the grid drowning in an overwhelming excess of junk they would sell us until we are buried flailing under sheer mindless repetition which we do not want nor need but striving in our minds alone while doing absolutely nothing for the fake plastic lives we would never have buying remedies for ailments we do not even have but that can blind or kill us in an instant up until that final moment when the picture shatters from pixels to static squandering the remainder of our pathetic lives paying off debt to credit card bank and payday loan usurers for E-Z credit to pay off other E-Z credit or buy more useless junk long ago lost or forgotten rotting in a landfill and have us above all lusting for plastic cars which depreciate faster than the blink of an eye like dropping from a cliff to elevator music and for mortgages which we could not afford while constantly bombarded by the noise of hawkers and screamers and of course the biggest crooks of any in the world just Google "Bank of America" and "crime" to see who steals ten billion dollars in a heartbeat over and over and over again.
       Whoa now in the words of Hunter S. Thompson "Did we say that?. . . Well we must have meant it." For interested readers the link below is to a New York Times article in which one who is so inclined can read of over 360,000 Americans who receive their Social Security overseas, who in many cases have sold their houses and all their possessions in the United States, who spend less and live better than they ever did in the U.S., who owe nothing to anyone, who live on $150 a month, and have found ways all as detailed with links in the Times article to find transportation and places to stay for nothing or next-to-nothing as they have traveled from state-to-state and country-to-country so extensively it is beyond what they ever believed they could back when they were locked in the grid lives they thought were controlled by government and media inspired fear and terror relentlessly pounded into their brains with of course always the backdrop of invaluable advice of the U.S. State Department where not to travel (in 1963) which as we recall from our travels abroad on a few continents was infamous among travelers for its largely worthless notoriously outdated warnings of where to avoid and its uncanny ability completely to miss the spots where one most easily could be killed.


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Cellphone Constant Surveillance Location Recording Systems Insidious Stuff Of Unconstituitonal Criminal Nightmares Once Restricted To Criminal Realm Of CIA And GCHQ Now Widely For Sale Overseas To Unsavory Persons And Governments As Readers' Unwanted 24/7 Cellphone "Companions" Washington Post Reports

       Saturday, 30 August 2014, WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Washington Post earlier this week published a deeply troubling in-depth article disclosing the presently known extent of the development, refinement and now extensive reach of around-the-clock unconstitutional and illegal cellphone surveillance in the United States and abroad including constant secret tracking and naming some of the malicious entities which make it their business wrongfully to provide without discretion systems with capabilities that make free persons' and true patriots' blood boil reducing a cellphone user to a target of continuous location surveillance and tracking extensively recorded completely without regard save contempt for the restraint of law and recognizing no dignity whatsoever in the fundamental human right to live unmolested perpetrated by remorseless evil actors now ranging worldwide from the most morally bankrupt criminals to entire rotten corrupt nations without any regard nor recognition whatsoever of the basic inalienable human rights to privacy, periods of sacred solitary meditation, contemplation and reflection, and times of action meant to be under nothing but the watchful eyes of God.
       For our readers similarly outraged and so inclined the Ninth Amendment Editorial Board rather than attempting to execute what necessarily would be a paraphrased recitation of key points and lacking details including missing specific names and other identifiers of entities involved including of those profiting from "marketing" the menace of this malevolent surveillance technology we here provide readers a link directly to the article published this week in The Washington Post "For Sale Systems That Can Secretly Track Where Cellphone Users Go Around The Globe":

28 August 2014

FREE! "33 Days Of Awakening Through Loyalty To Your Soul" Ariana Huffington Chair, President And Editor-In-Chief Of The Pulitzer Prize Winning Huffington Post Makes A Special FREE Gift Offer To HuffPost Readers Of Santa Monica College Course With All Information Via Links Below Starts Monday 8 September 2014

       Thursday, 28 August 2014, SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA - The Ninth Amendment editorial board is delighted to pass on to our readers that all Huffington Post readers (which if our readers are not already they will be after taking a few minutes to read the below post taken verbatim as fair comment from the Huffington Post) most generously have been given the gift arranged by Arianna Huffington of the opportunity to take for free an online course offered by the University of Santa Monica entitled "33 Days Of Awakening Through Loyalty To Your Soul" with Ms. Huffington's description, course information and enrollment links below and following for this course beginning 8 September 2014.  Readers with access to the internet who wish to become, stay, or achieve even more enlightenment, well-being and success no longer have a monetary excuse thanks to the deep thoughtfulness of the Huffpost's Arriana Huffington, nor grounds to claim that readers expect to have nothing to do in September as they instead can start or continue/enhance their college and/or post-college education starting Monday, 8 September 2014.

Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington is the chair, president, and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post Media Group, a nationally syndicated columnist, and author of fourteen books.

In May 2005, she launched The Huffington Post, a news and blog site that quickly became one of the most widely-read, linked to, and frequently-cited media brands on the Internet. In 2012, the site won a Pulitzer Prize for national reporting.

She has been named to Time Magazine's list of the world’s 100 most influential people and the Forbes Most Powerful Women list. Originally from Greece, she moved to England when she was 16 and graduated from Cambridge University with an M.A. in economics. At 21, she became president of the famed debating society, the Cambridge Union.

She serves on several boards, including HuffPost’s partners in Spain, the newspaper EL PAÍS and its parent company PRISA; Onex; The Center for Public Integrity; and The Committee to Protect Journalists.

Her 14th book, Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder was published by Crown in March 2014 and debuted at #1 on the New York Times Bestseller list.
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33 Days to More Well-Being: A Special Offer for HuffPost Readers

(9) Comments | Posted August 27, 2014 | 2:59 PM
Wherever I go around the world, I see the same hunger to live our lives with more meaning and purpose and less unnecessary stress and burnout. This is the goal of a new online course being offered by the University of Santa Monica, which I'm delighted we have arranged to...
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Facing 99 Years Indicted Texas Idiot Governor Rick "Payback" Perry Grins In Booking Mugshot As GQ Opportunity Then Returns To Perpetual Vacation An Excellent Example To All Defendants That The Criminal Justice System Is To Be Treated As A Joke

       Thursday, 28 August 2014, AUSTIN, TX - Following his indictment on two felony counts that could land him 99 years in prison unlike the previously reported New York Times editorial trying to appear non-partisan on the matter given the publicly known facts of Perry shutting down funding for the State's Public Integrity Unit (which just happened to cripple its investigation of Perry's pet "cancer" charity headed by Perry's crony and had been under criminal investigation by the Public Integrity Unit after another official there last year was indicted for irregularities concerning an $11 million grant for cancer research) conservative hypocrites instead have taken the opportunity to celebrate Texas Indicted Idiot Governor Rick "Payback" Perry's "celebrity" mugshot as reason to completely brush off the charges handed down by a Texas grand jury instead attempting to divert attention to what a self-assured defendant Perry makes briefly scoffing at the felony charges in his no-doubt new taxpayer paid-for get-up of nice suit and of course new de riguer eyeglasses which suddenly appeared following his legendary 2012 Republican National Debate appearance in which after nearly a one-minute silent lapse he spoke just seconds before 911 was to be called for "brain dead still standing".
       If Perry were permitted to carry his fearsome laser-sighted coyote-killing six-shooter for his mugshot due to his demonstrated prowess at defending either himself and others or his dog depending on which one of his conflicting accounts one might choose to believe (and because he is Governor) it is not apparent in his bemused mugshot. Moreover the apparently deep significance of Indicted Governor Perry's strategic "whatever" attitude in his brief public response to his indictment also implicitly demonstrated contempt not only for the grand jury but the entire criminal justice system under which it serves dismissing basically as absurd its indictment handed down.
       In case anyone missed the claimed intended point it was reinforced as the apparent focus of countless pundits who in other circumstances might not endorse such a generous laissez-faire attitude on the part of criminal defendants looking at 99 years in prison regardless of whether they believed they had committed a crime or not. And in case anyone was especially slow on the pickup or had trouble reading the charges for comprehension once again the mysterious "Sabo" conservative "Los Angeles street artist" came to the rescue with his easily comprehended Mad Magazine-like portrayal of Indicted Perry's mugshot with the "looking good" debonair of a man without a care (or brain) in the world.
       Sabo re-surfaces here after his last well-publicized "Abortion Barbie" posters which depicted a woman with the face of Texas GOP Woman-Hater Greg "Payday" Abbott's opponent Wendy Davis in this year's Texas governor's race when she was in town with her abdomen scissored open and white and colored babies falling out of her to the ground and plastered on public fixtures like bus shelters just where persons such as young children could see them. "Sabo" in the case here of the Indicted Perry "Looking Good" picture had "no comment" on whether the Indicted Perry mugshot attempted enhancement from idiot to carefree idiot with eyeglasses had been commissioned.
       The Ninth Amendment does have the strong suspicion that given the timing of the appearance of Sabo's doings as described above that apart from his stated intention of . . . sorry Sabo no free advertising for you. . . he either is on the GOP's indirect payroll (by the taxpayers of Texas like everything else Indicted Perry does) or in any case Perry and Abbott get a quantity discount on this deal. Meanwhile when not commissioning gruesome true to his amply demonstrated woman-hating pathos GOP A.G. Greg "The General" Abbott can do "positive" TV spots where he is vouched for by his mother-in-law (only woman he could get) with reference to church-going as his more-or-less only interest although it is not specified if women are permitted at his church.
       Meanwhile Wendy Davis can be portrayed as a "negative campaigner" for her spot recounting GOP Abbott "The General"'s lonely judgment that an employer bore no legal responsibility for failing to warn that the door-to-door salesman it employed to enter people's homes was a registered sex offender even after the employee then raped and murdered a wife expecting to be shown a vacuum.
       Will the devil-may-care message by Indicted Idiot Governor Rick "Payback" Perry helpfully communicated to criminal defendants throughout the state and nation carry over through his trial for a crime carrying a 99-year sentence with that "image of success" grin in the face of the judicial process with nary a care but when his next vacation will be?  Such generally is understood not to be the most advisable image to convey to a Court especially if one cannot cut off all its funding should it appear that things are headed in the wrong direction. Such circumstances may require a change in strategy in attempts to manipulate the court of public opinion which ultimately should not be the one holding the gavel.      

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20 August 2014

New York Times Entire Editorial Board To Defense Of Indicted Texas Idiot Governor Rick "Payback" Perry, Sort Of, Barring A Few Choice Observations On His Governance Of The State Of Texas

       Wednesday, 20 August 2014, NEW YORK, NEW YORK - The New York Times editorial board on Monday, 18 August 2014 opined as to its doubts based on the current publicly known evidence that indicted Texas Idiot Governor Rick "Payback" Perry's conduct in withholding funds from the State's Public Integrity Unit rose to the level of criminal conduct barring future public incriminating revelations from the prosecution. The Times editorial linked to below could not otherwise be characterized as overly complimentary of indicted Perry.


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16 August 2014

CREDO Mobile Offer Free Upgrade To Apple iPhone 5c With Two-Year Contract Plus $350 Per Line Other Contracts' Buyout Offer

BREAKING NEWS: Texas Idiot Governor Rick "Payback" Perry Vows To Remain In Office Despite Abuse Of Power And Coercion Of A Public Official Indictments Which Could Land Him 99 Years In A Texas Prison With Sen. Ted Cruz Proud To Stand By His Man

15 August 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Perry Indicted By Grand Jury Convened By Republican Prosecutor - Texas Idiot Governor Rick "Payback" Perry Faces 99 Years Grand Jury Indicts On Two Felony Counts Abuse Of Power In His Official Capacity And Coercing A Public Servant

       Friday, 15 August 2014, AUSTIN, TEXAS - Career corrupt Texas Idiot Governor Rick "Payback" Perry who first bribed student voters with candies while he struggled unliked through elementary school today was indicted by a Texas Grand Jury convened by a Republican Special Prosecutor on two felony counts of coercing a public servant and abuse of power for abusing his official capacity in his veto of $7.5 million in funding from the State's public watchdog the Texas Public Integrity Unit operated by the Travis County, Texas District Attorney's Office in Austin, Texas on false pretenses. Perry's abuse of power was charged by the Grand Jury as characteristically unlawful Perry "payback" for the Public Integrity Unit's investigation of irregularities in the so-called "cancer charity" The Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas run by a crony of Perry's. One of the former officials there was indicted last year for his mishandling of an $11 million dollar grant meant for the benefit of cancer sufferers. The charge of abuse of official capacity against Perry carries a prison sentence of five to ninety-nine years. The charge of coercion of a public servant a two to ten year prison sentence.
       Republicans defending Perry shrugged off the possible ninety-nine year Perry prison term as a "partisan witch hunt" but acknowledged that it was a "red light" for what had been beginning to appear as his preliminary moves toward a second run for the White House after the debacle of his 2012 Presidential run in which he had broken his promise to Texas voters that he would not make the run if first elected Governor at that time. Perry in any case suffered a complete meltdown in the Republican Presidential debate which left Perry "brain dead still standing" and his candidacy likewise dead in the water. Perry apparently still is showing strong signs of brain death as it was revealed that he had spent $80,000 of Texas taxpayers' money to date for his personal defense, unprecedented for a public official facing such prosecution in Texas history.
       If convicted of the current charges Perry will be the second Texas Governor indicted while in office, the first in almost one hundred years facing serious criminal charges, and should this lead to his conviction and/or termination of his Governorship Perry would hold the ignominious position of being the only Texas governor since Texas Governor James "Pa" Ferguson who in 1917 was indicted in office and resigned the Texas Governorship before he could be impeached after being convicted of ten criminal charges involving his extensive wrongdoing in office involving vetoing appropriations to the University of Texas. With Perry down it is not unexpected that many of his corrupt Republican appointees and cronies developed over years as GOP Governor now may begin to fall like dominoes such as his recently strongly censured U-T Regent appointee Wallace Hall, Jr. also for charges of abuse of power including misconduct, incompetency in the performance of official duties or behavior unbefitting a state official. Hall will be the first appointee of a Texas Governor ever impeached if he is after the Travis County District Attorney finishes its criminal investigation of him.

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Ferguson, Missouri Unrest African-American Suburb With 95% White Police Presence Eagerly Dress Up As Real Street Army With DOD Surplus Military Vehicles And Assault Weapons Trained On Unarmed Citizens (or "Animals") Not Already Shot Earlier. Pack It Up White Boys Time For Some Real Training Fighting ISIS In Iraq.

       Thursday, 14 August 2014, FERGUSON, MISSOURI - The editorial board of the Ninth Amendment must query whether many of our readers could actually believe any local authorities' public statements, distortions and lies made about the probable murder last weekend by five or more police shots at college-bound student Michael ("Big Mike") Brown apparently unarmed standing with hands up when such obviously disingenuous false statements have since been made by the small Ferguson, Missouri police and city "Administration" from top to bottom.                
        Ferguson has demonstrated that this smaller city obviously is equally well-represented by dangerously unqualified Ferguson police officers (one particularly challenged one recorded calling a local African-American resident an "animal") who so far have shot and killed apparently execution-style an unarmed college-bound student, then for the following week patrolled peaceful daytime streets with automatic weapons and dressed as their favorite G.I. Joe action figures, placed scoped snipers with tripods on peaceful downtown rooftops, then in the middle of the afternoon most outrageously perhaps demonstrating their fearsomely aggressive ignorance of and/or disdain for the United States Constitution as well as their continuing imbecilic complete lack of sense of public opinion accosted Washington Post and Huffington Post reporters filing reports from a McDonald's filmed while a helmeted Ferguson policeman in riot gear accosted and gave them forty-five seconds before roughing them up forced against soda machines and arresting them forced into a police car to be held and later released without charges nor any proper paper record as apparently is their practice for false arrests.
       The classic idiocy of the Ferguson police only became grossly magnified last evening as they showed up with vehicles and uniforms and combat protection paraphernalia worthy of the Special Forces to take on as if it were Al Qaeda an almost entirely peaceful crowd including regional religious figures and a state senator not to mention more national reporters including equipped with stationary cameras which the police followed after a brief warning to the almost entirely peaceful gathering with a barrage of flash and smoke grenades, then tear gas and rubber bullets with assault long-barreled weapons actually pointed into the crowd no doubt another generous gift of DOD Iraq and Afghanistan surplus spread around the country to equally incompetent untrained police with naturally no funds for training, as the police obviously are not shy to learn that right out in the "field of the neighborhoods". Luckily for them there is little use for their military hardware in actual "war" against declining crime and "drug cartels" whom apparently no one has informed Ferguson and other police departments largely operate over one thousand miles away in other countries. (They just buy their weapons here, not use them.)
       What more need one say about the near sub-moronic "operational" ability of officers who arrest two national press reporters for no reason, point assault weapons at unarmed citizens, bring the closest things they have to armor-bullet impervious tanks to largely peaceful demonstrations, among other things too obviously idiotically banal to mention here. And as for the troops so too exponentially go for their leaders such as the police chief who violates state law by not releasing the name of a police officer a public official involved in the killing of a citizen and still has not done so after nearly a week after making up one lame excuse after another.
       Moreover the Ferguson Police Department sure was quick to give its completely unbelievable account of Mr. Brown's killing then after several eyewitnesses which it for days neglected to interview completely contradicted its story at which point the earnest Ferguson Police Chief disingenuously explained how it would be too soon to provide any facts at all including how many times his officer shot the apparently unarmed Brown or any other facts and most amazingly has stonewalled on releasing the name of the probable murderer because it might "put him in danger" as well as the lying piece of shit (or brain dead, or both) Chief claims not to know the officer's name! Well that sure is not the way it goes for the rest of us when we shoot someone several times in the middle of the street and leave their body to fester for hours in the broiling sun.
       Thank goodness President Obama has not only taken it upon himself to attend directly to this pack of lying stonewalling buffoons and immediately taken the extraordinary measure of dispatching the Attorney General Of The United States Eric Holder to the scene, with not only him but the Department Of Justice's Chief Assistant Criminal Prosecutor as well. Yes it would certainly seem Ferguson could spare these eager Ferguson officers to bravely learn how to use their military weapons against ISIS in Iraq, and it certainly has helped clear up the mystery raised by the Ferguson Chief Of Police why in being the most successful chief to date in integrating the force he has achieved the remarkably mind-numbing goal by now having a force composed of 53 white officers and 3 African-Americans which he has noted he also has afforded historical promotion potential although admitted it is rather hard to keep good African-American officers on the force when there is so much competition from area police districts for competent police officers. Yes we sure can see that is no lie.

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12 August 2014

Defiant U-T Regent Wallace Hall Censured Strongly 6-1 By Texas Bi-Partisan Legislative Committee As Texas Idiot Governor Perry "Henchman" Slammed For Incompetence, Abuse Of Office And Misconduct With Hall Final Impeachment Determination Pending Travis Country District Attorney Criminal Investigations Completion

       Tuesday, 12 August 2014, AUSTIN, TEXAS - A defiant U-T Regent Wallace Hall appointed as another stooge of Idiot Governor Rick "Payback" Perry to relentlessly misuse his Regent position to improperly harass U-T Austin flagship school President Bill Powers into resignation and facing a Texas House Committee 6-1 recent vote for his impeachment after a year of criminal investigation by legislative and law enforcement authorities failed yesterday to appear for his own impeachment hearing before the Texas House Select Committee For Transparency In State Agency Operations. The Committee in spite of Wallace Hall's failure to appear for his own impeachment hearing voted overwhelmingly 6-1 to censure Regent Wallace Hall therefore for the moment giving Hall what the Committee noted was a most severe punishment short of impeachment.
       The Committee noted that a vote on Wallace Hall's impeachment still faces his prospect of impeachment on a later day but decided it was best to first allow the Travis County District Attorney to finish its criminal investigation of Wallace Hall which presumably encompasses Texas Idiot Governor Rick "Payback" Perry who as reported earlier has already retained independent private criminal counsel for himself relating presumably to this and related matters including pending Grand Jury Proceedings.
       Wallace Hall whose abuse of office, incompetency and misconduct now have been officially determined and censured is expected to be perhaps just one of many appointees and cronies of Texas Idiot Governor Rick "Payback" Perry who may be looking at further legislative and law enforcement actions not excluding the Governor himself as his stranglehold on state power disappears after successive terms as Governor up to this final term in which Perry has been in a position improperly to appoint and reward all cronies and those who would aid him in the obstruction of justice in matters throughout the State of Texas.
       Should Wallace Hall be impeached following the completion of Travis County District Attorney criminal investigations Hall would hold the ignominious position of being the first public official ever appointed by any Governor of Texas to be impeached since the State's founding.

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11 August 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Robin Williams Legendary Much Loved Oscar-Winning Actor And Comedian Apparent Death From Suicide At 63

        Monday, 11 August 2014, TIBURON, CALIFORNIA - Representatives of legendary much-loved Oscar-winning actor and great comic talent long an advocate of publicizing his long-term struggles with depression and years of recovery from alcohol and drug addiction confirmed moments ago that the 63 year-old Williams was found dead an apparent suicide after an 11:55 am PST telephone call today to the Marin County Sheriff's office reporting he was not breathing and his heart had stopped. Paramedics called to his Tiburon, California home responded within five minutes at noon where Mr. Williams who recently had undergone heart surgery was declared dead unofficially of asphyxiation at about 12:02 pm. pending an autopsy probably tomorrow.
       Although Mr. Williams was reported as late as this past July to have returned to treatment where he occasionally apparently had checked himself in over the years for the not uncommon practice of maintaining his sobriety, representatives and his wife emphasized of late Mr. Williams had been struggling with a recurrence of a severe depression bout. Mr. Williams apparently was last seen alive last night Sunday at about 10:30 pm local time at his home which he shared with his wife.
       Mr. Williams' wife asked that the public respect the privacy of his family in the wake of this sudden shock and news of his death just hours ago today. The hearts and prayers of the Ninth Amendment go out to the legendary Mr. Williams who with his brilliant talent and courage gave the world so much that it can not even begin to be adequately listed or appreciated here. Beloved fans of Mr. Williams and all interested readers here are referred to other more comprehensive news sources to learn any further details and any developments of this late breaking story in which the Marin County Sheriff's Office has confirmed again that Mr. Williams' death was by an apparent suicide.
       The Ninth Amendment reminds readers that times of despair and depression whether related or not to any type of drug or alcohol abuse and/or recovery whether as cause or attempted self-medication never should be considered as the last consideration before taking one's own live in such periods which are a part of the human condition of all and will pass. Persons in distress where such facilities are available are reminded that in many areas the universal 211 personal crisis emergency number (not to be confused nor used instead in circumstances requiring 911 calls) are available as 211 personal crisis calls are now available on all variety of personal matters in many areas of the country.
       Where 211 is not available any call out for help to personal crisis counseling services, AA and NA service offices, medical facilities and/or any available friend or loved one are always available and welcome such that one should never not call out of fear of rejection or not receiving help. Help is available to all who ask. Even in the worst of times we urge all to remember that they are NOT alone, and they need only reach out and the worst of times WILL pass. It recently has been reported for example in the wake of final plans to erect safety fences out from the Golden Gate Bridge that almost all persons who have jumped previously with the intention of taking their lives but lived later report in overwhelming numbers that they are grateful to have lived to survive and seen the hardest of times past.
       Rest In Peace And God Bless Robin Williams 1951-2014.

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09 August 2014

Wendy Davis Texas 2014 Governorship Less Than 8 Points Away Gains Over 4 Points Fast As GOP Woman Hater A.G. Gregg "Payday" Abbott Blows 12 Point Lead As "Dark Money" Payday Store-Owned Corrupt Abbott Exposed By Further Reports Of Abbott Rabid Anti-Women Including Rape Victims' History Grows Daily

       Saturday, 10 August 2014, AUSTIN, TEXAS - With the Governor's Mansions (GOP Texas "Perry-Syle" Governors need at least two mansions one to get no good done and one to hide all the money) falling back another four railroad telegraph pole lengths and more by the minute from the grasping well-greased palms of the GOP "Women Are 'Hoes'" Texas A.G. "Kirby Vacuum Notorious" Incumbent Gregg "Payday" Abbott reportedly had lost over four more points according to the conservative Rasmussen poll and still was dropping fast on newfound fears that he would continue to protect the employers of sex offenders who then rape and kill Texas housewife customers as he has done in the past. "The General" never has been far around a corner from his repeatedly documented hatred of Texas women whether embracing well-known rock stars' misogynist lyrics or embracing rap "Hoe" music as his campaign theme or shrugging off a Midland, Texas friend's funded "Abortion Barbie" handiwork illegally plastering urban places such as public bus shelters in Los Angeles when Wendy Davis was in town. Perhaps most frightening to Texas women is that he will again as in the past rush to the defense of employers sending unannounced sex offenders into the homes of Texas women whom they then rape and kill earning Abbott the fearsome moniker "Kirby Vacuum Notorious" for his past defense of a Texas housewife rapist/murderer's callous employer who decided to shave a few dollars on a background check.
       As for his further attacks on all women now rank his infamous Davis campaign attacks prepared by his rumored co-conspirators' disgusting depictions in support of Abbott's campaign picturing childlike crayon drawings of Barbie dolls decapitated with their severed heads resembling opponent Wendy Davis' face on larger crude posters depicting Barbie with her abdomen scissored open and white and colored babies dropping out of Barbie to the ground. The racially diverse babies fallen from their scissored mother were shown falling out just at eye-level where schoolchildren waiting for the bus could look look at them. These grossly violent apparently pro-Abbott for Governor attacks on Davis would seem to suggest, recommend and encourage the viability of abdominal scissor attacks to any casual bystander on the street just like a still shot of some sick violent video game is exactly not the kind of thing most persons particularly family-conscious Texans would want being publicly displayed on any street anywhere especially in the presence of children or even the public at large as the price of waiting for a bus or walking down a city sidewalk anywhere. Abbott previously already had made a name for himself among the misogynist Texas political woman-hating community when he had thanked a supporter for calling Davis a "retard Barbie" apparently just one in a long list of offensive actions and comments by GOP Woman-Hater A.G. Gregg "Dark Money" Abbott.
       Texas Woman-Hater A.G. Gregg "Dark Money Payday" Abbott apart from his rabid hatred of all women (except his mother-in-law and he could be lying on that one too) especially those Texas women abused, raped and at terrible risk for whom he has shown less than zero sympathy but actual uncontrolled antipathy with a complete lack of sympathy. Abbott "The General" apparently is relying solely on addressing no issues whatsoever and adopting the lame strategy of trying to take every opportunity when not bashing Texas women to tie Davis to Obama with no factual basis whatsoever to as well as relying on the decades-long GOP strategy of counting on Texans with ignorance intentionally fostered by the mind-numbing Perry years meant to encourage the overwhelming majority of Texas Democratic voters neither to register nor vote after Perry has deprived them of the ability to learn to read.
       Texas now 51st in the nation (pretty good and hard to accomplish, huh?) on voter turnout is the second most populous state in the country actually only known to have but a handful of "legitimate" in-state Republican voters all of whom are illiterate, live in other states or are deceased and vote by absentee ballot with the help of the well-oiled corrupt Perry camp along with the Republican Party of Texas which is composed entirely of rich out-of-state polluters, usurers and others no longer permitted to operate in their own states due to pending state and federal criminal investigations against them. They reportedly have prepared to move operations further in large numbers into Texas in anticipation of woman hater Abbott following in protege Idiot Perry's Governor's bootsteps which by Idiot Perry's own admission are even dirtier since he "stepped in it" in his farcical Presidential campaign terminating with his nationally-televised apparent imitation of "brain dead still standing". It has been suggested that were Perry actually to win a Presidential election that the United States might be better off encouraging him to spend his entire Presidency in his favorite radioactive Japanese hideaway rather than risk actually have him take any actions as President which likely could spell the end of the United States or quite possibly the entire world.
       Now with the odds "on the street" looking worse every day for him winning the Texas Governor's race despite the confounding failure of "the General's" clearly devastatingly winning strategy to date we find him now so low as to be forcing decent Texans in the comfort of their own homes and modest castles to watch his new bigtime "dark money" Payday and Title store usurer crony bought television blitz piling it right out from the TV where some of that very fine Texas footlball has been watched across the swept clean family room floors (of all the State's newly filthy Perry air, soil and water) of good, true hard-working honest Texans so they can share a suppertime swallow with one surely uninvited guest forcing them to take yet another look at that insincere face of an even darker side of "the General" as he floods the airwaves and demonstrates for all to cringe that even exploiting his own in-laws is not too low for him.
       Yes the GOP Texas A.G. Gregg "Payday" Abbott "dark money" state official who it seemed could sink no lower now desperately would pass himself off as not only friend but dear family too of all Texas' Latin American Hispanic community that he now realizes a few decades maybe too late that he has no choice now but pretend he has ever done anything at all for a day in his life for these his newfound "brothers and sisters" with ties South of the Border like stand in a boat in the Rio Grande and point a gun for a photo opportunity at who he hopes are Latin Americans' friends and families or for those back home in Texas for whom he sure does all he can to make sure they have no health and women's services not to mention whatever other help he might block. Finally as to "criminal justice" for minorities it might have helped had Abbott "The General" not been so sure never to speak up for even a delay if there were still some uncomfortable or downright nagging questions that some persons of conscience really would feel a whole lot better about were they answered before some persons were executed by lethal injection meaning open questions of innocence went unanswered forever. In these cases thanks to Abbott "The General" it will never be known whether the racially disproportionately executed prisoners of questionable guilt merely had been executed or instead rather murdered by the State of Texas.
       It might be sad to be so meanly far behind the times except for all the damage he and his fellow criminally inclined GOP brethren in public service have done slowing down the bright future of Texas trying to hold back the great shining Lone Star State for their own mean ends in his outdated delusion that he could really be elected Governor in this year 2014 with that tired old Republican playbook from a gone generation just by peeling away whatever poor few confused voters however he could to those who would believe for a second that anyone but Democrats have been most all the State's Latin Americans and all Texas womens' best friends for a quite a long time now. From the train to the Governor's Mansion that is full-speed passing him by along with all is old cronies and their back room Payday Loan and other dirty money standing helpless at the trackside the New Texas passes by him and his quickly disappearing "lead" leaving him and the others with nothing but a mouthful of that "right to eat" Perry-contaminated dry Texas dirt.

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