31 March 2014

BREAKING HEALTH: New Cardiac Arrest 99% Accurate Risk Test Announced! If Advised To Or Concerned Get Person To An Emergency Room

     Monday, 31 March 2014, ROCHESTER, MINNESOTA - The development of a revolutionary predictor of cardiac arrest (heart attack) risk this morning was announced. Emergency room (ER) physicians and hospitals have long been dogged by uncertainty about whether to release, hold, or admit patients complaining of symptoms such as chest pains which my indicate immediate risk of a heart attack. This concern is the single most resource-intensive problem which long has frustrated ER physicians given limited resources and the need to triage patients coming into the ER as accurately and quickly as possible.
     The just announced cardiac attack risk test with 99% accuracy reportedly consists of a combination of an electrocardiogram and a blood test. Readers presumably already are aware of the major revolutionary advance in the emergent care of stroke victims with medicine available that can reverse the effect of strokes if administered in time as soon as possible after the event.
     The Ninth Amendment presents this information strictly as a public service dissemination of most recently announced public health information of great widespread importance. We express the gratitude of all we are confident particularly to the researchers and all involved with the development of such revolutionary advances in medicine as the above-noted "heart attack" test and development of medicine which may reverse the effect of strokes.
     Although we stress that we do not know from what medical research facilities these advances come, we wish to advise our readers that it recently has come to our attention that the Mayo Clinic provides a free e-newsletter of recent health developments of general interest by Mayo Clinic experts to which readers can subscribe at the link https://newslettersignup.mayoclinic.com. If but one life is saved. . . .


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30 March 2014

"Dark Underbelly Of New Zealand Corruption" Posts Curtailed By Ninth Amendment Preserving Resources For Ongoing Reporting Needs To Readers In United States And Worldwide

       Sunday, 30 March 2014, RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA - In consideration of the Ninth Amendment's ethical duty to readers in the United States and worldwide to preserve needed resources for necessary reporting on diverse matters globally the Editorial Board has resolved to curtail at this time reporting on serious matters of endemic corruption among individuals and conspiring groups presently in positions of power in New Zealand such that they remain able to divert and misuse for improper and illegal purposes significant official resources to further their own improper, unlawful and criminal enterprises.
     Recent events have afforded opportunities for facilitated investigation and particularly rare public glimpses into, i.e., intertwined connections between private wrongdoing and public corruption in New Zealand as touched upon in some recent posts in the Ninth Amendment. The Editorial Board regretfully has reached the decision that lost and threatened resources of the Ninth Amendment including economic and time costs of interference encompassing criminal actions causing significant damage and harm to persons, equipment, communications indeed every element of continuing ongoing publication should not be sacrificed at the expense of our duty to readers to provide the quality, depth and diversity of reports readers have come to expect of the Ninth Amendment.
     We remain confident the appropriate domestic and worldwide regulatory and enforcement agencies which already are aware of and have assembled much of the pertinent evidence, including those as appropriate based in the United States as well as without limitation global banking, taxation, environmental and criminal regulatory and enforcement agencies, will achieve the inevitable result of bringing those responsible to justice including their facing and making reparation for in certain cases enormously costly consequences of their actions.
     We trust that the New Zealand judiciary including some of the particularly objectionable mechanisms of interference with individuals' rights and public justice with which it is burdened, at least until it has properly matured, will reconnect with the awesome heritage of the legal system of the mother country of the Commonwealth, including hopefully reconnecting with the Privy Council and ditching New Zealand's ruling party's recent replacement of that venerable body with its partisan "Supreme Court" as the ultimate arbiter of New Zealand's judicial affairs.
     The Editorial Board of the Ninth Amendment is aware that our decision may disappoint some readers but hopefully will come to be recognized as necessary when all the facts in due course come to light. In the meantime we particularly encourage readers worldwide to stay aware of and throw and keep their support constant for the brave actions of the New Zealand individuals and press, including particularly The Herald, the Sunday Herald and the National Business Review in their continuing fight to make New Zealand the country which it can be and the world largely mistakenly now believes it to be.
     The Ninth Amendment Editorial Board is humbled (not to mention somewhat confused) by the steady growth of diversity of our readership including the addition on average of new readers in more than one new country a month and now covering virtually the entire Northern and moving into the Southern Hemisphere of the Earth. We particularly welcome our relatively large new numbers of readers from Commonwealth countries, with grateful recognition of the significant numbers now stopping by our site from the United Kingdom and Canada, which we always heard was a great place to live.
     For more on New Zealand corruption see www.kiwisfirst.co.nz. In the as near-perfect words as words can be drafted from Thomas Jefferson into the United States' Declaration of Independence, "We hold these truths to be self-evident. . . ." And so they may be to all peoplekind without regard for country or border.

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28 March 2014

Education Miracle: Students Admitted Attend Free Top Boarding High School Phillips Exeter Academy If Family Income < $75,000

     Friday, 21 March 2014, EXETER, NEW HAMPSHIRE - Top boarding high school Phillips Exeter Academy ("PEA" or "the Academy") long has to a significant extent subsidized the true cost of every student's education attending PEA.  Then the Academy seven years ago publicly announced its revolutionary private secondary school initiative similar to those of some top private colleges whereby all current and prospective admitted students whose family income as defined by the Academy as $75,000 or less would henceforth attend and receive an education at the Academy for free.
      PEA announced the Academy's free tuition initiative the year before the Ninth Amendment log commenced continuous digital publication at www.waronnothing.blogspot.com. Our editorial board initially intended immediately to inform readers of the birth of this extraordinary opportunity. The board particularly was concerned about too-frequent encounters with those convinced (sadly often by their own families and then to their future generations) that one must be born amongst the rich and/or famous to have real hope of finding true opportunity in this Country.
       The editorial board of the Ninth Amendment apologizes to its readers for not earlier disseminating this information which for some might prove to be some of the most valuable and significant which they encounter. The fact is that if one can achieve admission to the Academy and/or untold other select educational institutions solely on the basis of merit, the Academy and other institutions will do everything in their power to see that that student can attend, receive an education and graduate without any regard whatsoever to financial state, social status, family history or any other factor irrelevant to each and every student having the opportunity to prove themselves solely on the basis of merit to be one of the best and the brightest.
       Please click on the peace sign graphic in the right column of this page to link directly to the Academy's own information describing this remarkable initiative and all that readers need know as appropriate to be in contact with the Academy including what steps are necessary for students to apply to attend PEA.

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26 March 2014

Obama Deceives Again Remains Silent As President Himself Has Power Immediately To Halt Unconscionable Unconstitutional Repulsive Executive Spook Agencies' Recording Of All Americans' Phone Calls, Yet Obama Misleads Americans As To Congress' Unneeded "Approval"

     Tuesday, 26 March 2014, WASHINGTON, D.C. - The entire New York Times editorial board in today's edition flat-out calls President Obama on that repeatedly disingenuous not-so-cool a guy as he might have you think side of President-Bam-Bam-Bama-Orama (as locally known in the days living with Grandma getting "selfish" doing drugs -- well-crafted words on his first election CNN hour -- or did that really refer to dealing below-par product?) who has exposed himself failing to act "under stealth" instead again shown himself possessed of a most distasteful and unforgivable trait of betraying those who got him elected.
     Here the immediate issue disclosed by the Times is that President Obama while he would have the Country believe he waits on his recent request to Congress immediately to cease collection of ALL Americans' telephone calls every time we have used the phone since "little shrub" Bush the "not really elected" President approved recording everybody obviously illegally -- "yeah, Dick, okay sure" -- between daily afternoon rounds of video golf during naptime at the White House.
     President Obama so far as we know has not gone to any great lengths to disabuse the American people of their encouraged misunderstanding, as best we understand the Times, because the fact is that President Obama made his request fully aware that he as President Obama by virtue of his position whether under law, arcane budget or other clause, or who really cares what is in an absolute position immediately to shut down this massive heinous invasion of all of our privacy simply by stating "Stop, I terminate requested authorization for this "program" of recording all Americans' telephone calls (on the grounds of no cause whatsoever)".
     Now on that dishonesty, too, given the continuing misinformation of the American people making zero effort to correct their belief that the responsibility for continuing to conduct such a horribly illegal executive spook agency action actually rested with no one but Mr. Obama himself, well might Mr. Obama again step way out there on a limb and "frankly" assess his own behavior as "selfish"?  
     While he is at it might President Obama even really let himself have it for "admitting" his drug "selfish[ness]", but then completely ignoring that he promised his constituents when he became President that such persons who had such a health issue and were non-violent (in which group President Obama evidently included himself) properly would be treated as such. Only problem Mr. President Obama is that then immediately upon becoming President and soon having the opportunity to present his own budget on such matters, Mr. Obama unbelievably merely re-proposed verbatim intact no new treatment programs whatsoever but almost beyond belief an exactly duplicated drug enforcement budget proposal of the recently departed not-really-elected "little shrub" Bush.
     Now in a court of law eventually repeated acts which bear an uncanny resemblance to one another at a certain point might become admissible evidence of "habits", or God forbid even repeated so often with such similarity that they may be taken by the trier of fact to prove "character". Well, Mr. President Obama these early morning ramblings neither have been long-considered, long-researched, nor do they purport to be "all-inclusive" pro and con. Nevertheless we believe there are a GREAT many of us who voted for you who sadly may well never forget these and at least a few other of your Presidential acts (we will put aside your acceptance (and frequent use of) sole authority to murder by being the sole person self-permitted to give the "Fire" (or is it "Kill") order to a drone under the entirely distasteful newly updated for a new century CIA assassination protocol developed under your first Administration, if memory serves, as a the final component of the work of "lethal surveillance teams").
     And finally let us not forget those of us caught up in the tremendous fury of massive Constitutional upset and horror as to all sorts of loathsome provisions tossed into the so-called "U.S. Patriot Act", that apparent hodge-podge of yes maybe a little terrorism, and, well, yes, maybe quite a few "other" items as to which Congress had already unequivocally innumerable times told law enforcement and the spooks "no", which frankly well no one was really at the time of signing what-all given the circumstances not the least of which was that the strangely altered final draft allegedly mysteriously appeared up their on the podium with the first rays of dawn's early light its ink still fresh from the press, and no need to get one's fingers dirty as what was it, four or five hundred pages and the vote if four minutes?
     Mr. President, now on that one you definitely were against it. If anyone was against it, in case you forgot, that was you. Going into your first Election Day were there one thing we knew for sure about you it was that. So, Mr. President Obama-bama-bo-bama-orama the one saving grace, if one could call it that, was that the Bush administration's legislative nightmare thrust up the American people's *** that day must have been so beyond the pale even for that so-called "President's" crew, the usual cast of characters, that they must have felt compelled to see that the Patriot Act at least was not literally written as in stone, nor even in permanent marker, because the one thing it had was "sunset provisions" providing that if not specifically re-enacted the days would come when sections of it would fall off of it as the dead law it had always really been, but now longer effective.
     Our only question on that one Mr. Obama would undoubtedly have to be, we are sure you must have guessed it by now, is why the hell after all you had said and represented in your campaign, was your Administration actually in the end not the impetus to eliminate the legislation but in fact the opposite. Because it was your Administration that then took the fantastically unbelievable betrayal of your Aeministration's own initiative before those sunset provisions dropped off to propose that much of that most heinous in the Patriot Act become permanent law! Your administration took the initiative to make it the permanent law of the land! So, tell us please, sir. To trash our Constitution. Were you selfish?

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25 March 2014

"Springtime For Putin In New Zealand" Mafia Musical Production To Replace Auckland Family Courtroom Facilities

     Tuesday, 25 March 2014, AUCK-AUCK, NEW ZEALAND - Speaking of which it seems to us we once did a post about the English Army getting trounced eventually in the American Revolutionary War. Starting with the Boston Tea Party the increasingly comical cycle of events would repeat itself with ever greater obviousness over there in the "New World" meanwhile "back home" with ever greater obliviousness the dissolute empire of King George would repeat the same old ever costlier errors with ever-worsening news of the War eventually making its way back home when someone eventually bothered to open up the thrice-daily delivered mail ever couple weeks.
      Next thing the "rich boys" stumbling out of the eating clubs knew as they came stumbling out still half-drunk into the early afternoon London haze with the Prussians paid actually to do their FIGHTING for them over there seems like Admiral Lord Nelson had just gone thundering off with the latest huge armada of English Warships over there cannons blazing before they had even made it out of the Thames, and now some guy named "General Cornwallis" was over there in some Godforsaken place in Virginia surrounded by thousands of heathens and French Navy warships kneeling over his sword and then handing it over to General Washington having lost the whole New World with not even an island or swamp or something to show for it left to be named after King George III.
     Funny thing was the whole ordeal taken together sounded like some lousy vinyl recording with a bad skip that just got worse and worse, yet starting more or less the same way from Boston Harbor on. Lord Nelson arriving guns blazing all the way across the Atlantic Ocean raising bloody hell, George Washington first apparently getting trapped there and then repeatedly afterward giving the English or their Prussian sit-ins the "old slip" one way or another creeping past them or toward or around them by tiptoeing around them in the dead of some fateful night doubtless at "Zero Dark Thirty", then the English Navy perhaps putting on a few spectacular water shows, next stop of course being down by Manhattan going up the Hudson River to who knows where? The South Bronx? And so on. Please do not take a big exam or anything based solely on the preceding couple paragraphs. They left a few significant facts out for purposes of brevity and, what the heck, national security.
     Anyway all this being of any consequences to what in the world, if anything, pray tell? Well it is an analogy. We just got to thinking as we have devoted some posts to this suppression fiasco business of the rich and famous of New Zealand, as it were , the whole thing really taken from a certain perspective takes on aspects of some kind of epic comic cartoon, however in the fights over wine bottles, pets, the venerable (we use the word loosely) elder statesman of one party which no matter what will always be best known for the infamous Queens mob Lufthansa heist, and so on. All at the same time with legal fees which would seem to soon be rivaling those of "Bleak House" if divorce proceedings can in fact move on from generation to generation.
     Readers can bet the absurdity (and cost) are in no way lost on the generous-spirited elder of the New Zealand family who thinks so highly of his sons that he allegedly told neither for a quarter century of a twenty-some million dollar inheritance each of which was supposed to get half allegedly at the age of twenty-five (assuming it was getting some interest and not just being used by him in some other way that might better profit him which we do not even pretend to understand here like a tax loss. No we certainly can believe a man who can with regularity every few years "give away his entire every last billion of it fortune to (unnamed) charity" and then in a few more years when he could doubtless use some good PR for the latest deal ONCE AGAIN give away "all the billionaire's money down to the last postage stamp" yet again to (always unnamed) charity, the sole exception we know of being that the family actually does own some old school providing a place for "special-case" family members to serve as professor, headmaster, or both should they wish we would suppose.
     Anyway this FINALLY bringing us to the end of this post back to where the title first took our thoughts to this epic "suppressed" divorce of the rich and famous which would seem to be certainly by this point if not from the beginning to exposing the New Zealand Family (at the very least) Courts to some sort of no-person's-land devoid of public, jury, press, legal process in any known form, parties and their lawyers either apparently being permitted to speak all the time on any topic whatsoever or not at all for reasons too arcane and sublime to actually be expressed in any comprehensible form before the Court chosen by the ruling party of the day.
     And then of course from time to time convicted criminals working in close cooperation with the police such as Mr. aka William Perese being for no discernible reason permitted to swoop in and opine and/or play lawyer for a day while other local political figures such as Mr. Clinton Bowerman somehow representing generally "the Good Guys" being dragged in for a day to be subjected to the latest perjuries and hallucinations of Mr. President "Flags On His Car" Goodfellow and his mysterious Senior Counsel in Training Harley bound apparently neither by any requirements of logical reasoning nor any known rule of evidence. . . . Yes this whole group was probably written off by the C.I.A. "dark bottom of the world" or the State Department "Looney Tunes Five Eyes South Pole" Desk with promises of jobs with the Vatican next.
     This being the case how could it not but come to occur to us upon consideration of the Mel Brooks' classic return to the stage loved by all in "The Producers" that what we are looking at here, and we can think of some people already crunching the numbers and figuring out how to make it all, of course, pay no taxes or be subject to any sort of government financial "interference" (no doubt a trust), demanding the heralding into the modern world of the once so misunderstood but never to happen again family court be damned new modern classic musical for which the world cries out: "Springtime For Putin In New Zealand" all profits naturally to be given to "Charity", and from there the regular trusts in the Cayman Islands and elsewhere. . . ."

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22 March 2014

New Tanguska "Situation HQ" In World's Most Remote Region Site Of 1908 "Tanguska Event" Announced By Ninth Amendment Editorial Board

       Saturday, 22 March 2014, TANGUSKA, SIBERIA - Hello everybody. If London's Privy Council, the Queen, MI5 and all the rest are content to let Great Britain's transparently faux Commonwealth "shining example" (oh, yes, just like Canada, sure) corrupt ruling party New Zealand "leadership" continue its divebomb into a full-fledged mafia state, at least it is pretty far away down there at the bottom of the Earth servicing the McMurdo Naval Air Station landfill and wildlife sanctuary.
       Recent affirmations of court-enforced years-long totally perversely misused "gag orders" reminiscent of any number of things no doubt King George III would have done protecting the simultaneously "robust and powerful' and at the same time dead-doggie "vulnerable" National Party President "mob boss" Goodfella must have been a foregone conclusion in the onslaught of the overpowering tautological ever-dramatically persuasive Lady Harley despite an evident enduring inability to reason or think. At least if things get too far out of hand "Eye Five" can pack it in for Western Australia.  
      For a band of "free speaking" American voices whose greatest desire has been to  preserve, protect and promote the blessings of liberty bestowed on our Great Nation and ourselves through the remarkable insight and brilliance of a group of totally committed Patriots we have learned that just the simple practice of ONE act of freedom can and often has demanded vigilant struggle to maintain that which by compact already is ours the people from whom ALL power emanates and where it resides.
       We were not "geeks" during the period of our formal education, and in the exponential development of technology since then which clearly by its very nature can leverage power immensely, we have no confidence whatsoever that such developments justify massive shifts of  power within a society from those who strove to be well-rounded and open-minded to those who without the strictest supervision can unleash the once unimaginable destruction of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
       Please excuse erratic interruptions in regular posts here in quite some time.  Many may be surprised how often although one may see an apparent dearth of readers' comments which have always been freely accepted uncensored here, an unfortunately high number of persons particularly in the past year apparently unable to express themselves in words have all too often chosen to do so criminally meaning our editorial staff has had to trail at times a stream of we do not even know what, hard drives, repeaters, industrial spools of cable, bug with laser detectors, routers, switches, hire-powered wireless adapters and who knows what.
     Finally a message to our overzealous readers of which we are confident we have none,  Should you be interested in the most remote area of the earth first mentioned above, we as always encourage our readers to follow up on that which catches their interest here and they may care to further explore. The "Tanguska Event" which took place in Siberia in 1908 has never been adequately explained although it devastated something like 80 square miles of trees and landscape and is believed to have unleashed the force of something like 30 megatons of TNT.  No evidence of a meteor, asteroid or any evidence of radioactivity was found on harrowing expeditions. The closest stop to the site on the Trans-Siberian Railway is 450 miles away, temperatures in winter of 45 degrees below zero. The ice melts in the Spring becoming entirely muddy swamp and water with the worst mosquito population in the world. In other words this Tanguska is NO place to go lay a redux of John Krakauer's Into The Wild.

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