27 July 2015

BREAKING: Hack Android Phones Easily Into "Spycams" By Unopened Text Message Since 2010 Vulnerability Hidden By Criminal Google But Disclosed By Firm Zimperium Cybersecurity Analytics Expect Another Imminent Barrage Of Global Regulatory Enforcement And Class Action Lawsuits Against Google

     Monday, 27 July 2015, MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - Google Android OS phones dating back to 2010 which is those relying on Google's Stagefright 2.2 and since software with many of these phone operating systems no longer supported by Google thus no updates available today were revealed all to have a vulnerability which easily allows users' phones to be turned into "spycams" taking over Bluetooth, video, audio and microphone by remote intruder hackers some even entirely "taking over" users' phones without users' knowledge merely sending unopened text messages which attackers then even can even delete to hide evidence of the continuing intrusion and Android phone takeover. Google never has announced the vulnerabilities to users for at least five years which today was disclosed by Zimperium cybersecurity analytics.
     No fix at all is available from Google for older Android OS phones and newer fixes rarely are installed by users since Google does not send them out directly as Apple does for its iPhone but Google instead relies on Motorola and Samsung to deal with the monumental vulnerability of its Android OS mobile device operating system. Google only provides patches for mobile devices which run its latest Lollypop and KitKat Android operating systems reportedly leaving about 500 million of its mobile devices still vulnerable to the Stagefright "spycam" attack and possible total user phone takeover by remote hackers without users even having knowledge of it.
     The massive Google Android OS vulnerability today was revealed by he Zimperium cybersecurity analytics firm with Google "thanking" Zimperium for the information but neither offering nor providing any "fix" thus seemingly setting Google up for yet another worldwide round of massive class action and regulatory enforcement agency lawsuits from the United States to Europe and beyond to the far reaches of the world. The security flaw is estimated to remain unaddressed in at least one half billion Android OS phones allowing attackers in many cases to "completely take over" users' phones in addition to using them as "spycams".
     Critics long have warned of this type as well as other gross vulnerabilities in sloppy Google Android OS phone and mobile device code with Zimperium cybersecurity analytics and other security experts claiming that vulnerabilities in the unsecure Google code make its Android mobile devices inherently vulnerable to all types of attacks known and unknown. Readers interested in more information about the above can go to the link below.


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25 July 2015

9/11 Attack Day Photos Of "Pigheart" Dick "Criminal Notorious" Cheney Not-Really-Elected "President" George "Little Shrub" Bush And White House Staff

     Saturday, 25 July 2015, WASHINGTON, D.C. - Just released "never before seen" 9/11 photographs of President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick "Criminal Notorious" Cheney, National Security Adviser Condosleeza "Fellow Torture Enthusiast" Rice, Secretary of State Colin Powell, CIA Director Tenet and other White House senior staff in the hours following the 11 September 2001 attacks can be viewed by interested readers by going to the below link.


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24 July 2015

Indicted Texas Idiot Corrupt Ex-Governor Rick "Payback" Perry Still Facing 99-Year Prison Term For Abuse Of Power Charge Texas Appeals Court Rules

     Friday, 24 July 2015, AUSTIN - The Texas Third Court of Appeals today although dismissing a lesser charge left intact the more serious charge for abuse of power for which a Texas grand jury last August indicted corrupt Idiot Texas Criminal Ex-Governor Rick "Payback" Perry who now still faces a 99-year prison term if convicted. Although Perry's attorneys tried to play down the seriousness of the offense for which Perry of the infamous "smiling mugshot" still faces an effective life term in the hellish nation's top "sexual assault" prisoner on prisoner Texas rape prison system of Perry's own creation as a "politically motivated" minor charge (with a possible 99-year sentence) that characterization obviously is anything but accurate or truthful as might be expected of any hack representing (at Texas taxpayers' expense) the longtime corrupt Indicted Idiot Texas Criminal Ex-Governor Rick "Payback" Perry.
     While obviously not being concerned about his future possible life in prison the ever ambitious Perry handlers (who previously had Perry tell Texans he never would run for president until they apparently figured out they could likely steal vastly greater amounts from the U.S. government with the help of a Republican Congress) now have recycled the brain dead still standing presidential "hopeful" reportedly while out on bail boning him up now with new eyeglasses and his own personal "scholar" tutor in an apparent attempt to teach the former veterinary student which Texas A&M still refuses to acknowledge to at least briefly give the appearance of knowing how to speak and think and thus give the impression of having the false ability to communicate logically any content of value from his long dead brain perhaps even with an earpiece instructing him what to say while in "debate" most importantly remaining standing and avoiding minute-long lapses in speaking such that a call to 911 need not be required as nearly occurred in Perry's last presidential debate attempt as he apparently struggled to recall which federal agencies he had been instructed to "plan" on eliminating if elected curiously including those such as the Department of Energy which assembles the nation's nuclear weapons for the Department of Defense.
     In actuality the abuse of power charge Perry still faces left intact by the Texas Court of Appeals is the result of Perry's efforts to derail the rightful investigation of and subsequent Perry attempted cover up of blatant illegalities in his use of his so-called "Texas Enterprise Fund" (TEF) as Perry's personal slush payback fund paid for by Texas taxpayers for Perry to pay off cronies and fellow Perry criminal associates and supporters as well as reward criminal former Texas Attorney General now Governor "Woman Hater" Greg "Payoff" Abbott for refusing to perform his required oversight duties of the TEF to see that funds disbursed met legal application requirements and created Texas jobs which requirements in fact none of the funds doled out by Perry to cronies did nor did anyone involved even bother to attempt to show that they had benefited Texans from whom the funds were taken in taxes.
     Criminal GOP Texas mob AG Abbott completely neglected all his oversight duties consistent with his years-long successful effort collecting millions in dollars in bribes even from parties over whom his Texas AG office frequently was conducting "legal determinations" given Abbott in the form of "campaign contributions" even while not running in any seriously challenged campaign. The Perry TEF unlawful slush fund also perhaps most notably was used to funnel money indirectly to criminal former Texas AG Woman-Hater Greg "Payback" Abbott since he notoriously intentionally unlawfully conveniently "overlooked" his oversight duties of the his co-conspirator Perry's use of the TEF fund allowing Perry to illegally dole out millions of dollars with kickbacks then for example from Abbott's major "donor" TEF slushfund recipient longtime criminal Bank of America (see, e.g., B of A's criminal role in the Parmalat largest bankruptcy in world history setting up fake accounts and even branches eventually idiotically exposing the whole vast multi-national criminal enterprise "calling" a bogus loan part of its own vast criminal participation) which "contributed" funds back to pay off Abbott unlawfully for beneficial treatment as corrupt Texas AG to make "official" decisions in Bank of America's favor while accumulating funds for Abbott's eventual gubernatorial campaign as Idiot Texas Governor Rick "Payback" Perry handlers were bound one day to make the  decision to run him for their puppet president of the United States provided they could keep him still standing while brain dead perhaps playing up to Perry's hopes of then trying to "secede" the United States from itself as he repeatedly had "threatened" to do with Texas so that it presumably again might become Mexico's northernmost province.
     Abbott used years of such illegal bribes later to fund his campaign for governor of Texas allowing Abbott to enter the campaign to succeed presidential hopeful brain dead still standing Perry with a $30 million war chest before even officially beginning the campaign against Democrat opponent Wendy Davis with a catchy campaign theme song referring to women as "Hoes" while Davis received as much or more in legitimate campaign contributions than Abbot but could never make up for Abbott's illegal $30 million "head start" in bribes and payoffs from the usual small group of out-of-state suspects eager to continue exploiting the "business friendly" Texas for all they could wring out of the Lone Star state about which they could care less all of which funds eventually were used by Abbott to fund a television smear blitz against Wendy Davis as well as ads in which his conveniently Latin mother-in-law was the only one who would vouch for Abbott totally dominating negative television advertising in the final weeks of the Texas gubernatorial campaign insuring his place as the next corrupt GOP Texas Woman-Hating "Payoff" Governor also known for his peculiar hatred of the physically handicapped especially strange because of his own moral and ethical but also physical disabilities caused by an accident for which Abbott received an enormous insurance settlement which he then took steps to make sure no future accident victims in similar situations would "hit the jackpot" in Texas as Abbott himself had.
     This tragically again left good honest hard-working Texans once again to be relentlessly abused by another Republican criminal Texas governor along with his corrupt GOP party legislature doing all it could to deny the vast majority of fine true Texans whose interests it does not represent from voting either at the polling place or by imprisoning them while serving nothing but the GOP criminal enterprise's own greedy interests and that of its criminal cronies who do all they can to rip off the great Lone Star state for all they can get among other things trampling workers' rights and destroying the state's environment polluting its air, water and ground and requiring Texans to have their own land and that of the state's children's day care centers "fracked" even against their wishes without any thought for the future of the state, its people and future generations of Texans and their children.
     Readers interested in more information about the above Perry court decision and characteristically deceptive and misleading comments by the corrupt Indicted Idiot Former Criminal Governor Rick "Payback" Perry hack attorneys can go to the first link below. Those readers interested in the true background of the charges and corruption of both Perry and fellow criminal current corrupt Texas Governor Greg "Payoff" Abbott can go to the second link below for more information about TEF and its Perry and Abbott's blatant corruption.



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22 July 2015

CIA Director Murderer John Brennan Not Denied By A.G. Eric Holder Architect Of 2010 "Disposition Matrix" Capture/Kill List Included U.S. Citizens On U.S. Soil - Senate Over Dire Warnings Confirmed Brennan CIA Director - Executed Contractor Stratfor Disclosed Obama WH Directive To "Go After Persons Publishing Material Negative To Obama WH" - Murderer CIA Director John Brennan Remains At Large Ordered "Investigative Reporter Witch Hunt" And Rolling Stone Reporter Michael Hastings' Cyber Car Hack Murder Aided By FBI (Classic "Cyber Car Attack" Per Former Bush Official Richard Clarke) On Eve Of Hastings' Article To Reveal CIA Director Murderer John Brennan Criminal Acts Rolling Stone Editor Jann Wenner Too Cowardly Post Murder To Publish Nor Even Report Hastings' CIA Murder - REPUBLICATION 3 (2 SEE BOLD)

      Monday, 5 January 2015, WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Ninth Amendment editorial board in an effort expeditiously to disseminate information via the enclosed link to interested/concerned readers briefly here summarizes some of the most serious assertions made in the Digital Journal article (the "Article") linked to below.
       In short according to the Article CIA Director John Brennan somehow has survived through both the Republican Bush (43) and now Obama Democratic Administration first as National Security Adviser despite a very shadowy past of significant concern including a very disturbing record of deep involvement with and leadership roles in illegal deadly "covert" operations such as "Assassination Czar" giving rise to inquiry as to why President Obama ever would have placed one with such a dangerous and/or murderous history in the position of CIA Director. Brennan has been "credited" with being the "architect" of the 2010 initiated "Disposition Matrix" operated by the executive branch highly secretive National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC).
       The NCTC as reported here in previous posts routinely directs heinous illegal acts including those extensively documented in the official U.S. Senate Torture Report in small part made public in December 2014 yet most all its thousands of pages still not released. Those all locked away reputedly along with the infamous Panetta Report which the CIA consistent with many historical events most likely mistakenly made available to its Senate overseers who the CIA made up some reason needed to work only in a secret leased remote storage unit forced to piece together everything from many thousands of pages the CIA first using its secret CIA tactic of thoughtfully having scrambled out of order before executing a CIA many thousand page "document dump" on the Senate interns presumably in furtherance of the CIA's "classified" other mission:
"Intelligence By Confusion".
       This is getting a bit far afield so to wrap up this digression the Panetta Report prepared for then CIA Director Leon Panetta revealed that all the mess of CIA documents engulfing the Senate Intelligence Committee interns had been intended to distort, conceal, confuse, obfuscate,  hide, misinform, delay and so on the true facts of the totally failed "Cadillac" CIA Torture Program. The Panetta report was prepared for CIA Director Panetta to concisely cover the actual CIA torture history and then present situation.
       The CIA using both its own and contract torturers when CIA employees began to feel "uncomfortable" being present at the site of flagrant war crimes against humanity in Guantanamo perhaps also "black sites" and asked to go home to their cubicles at Langley far from this unsupervised horrorshow of newly untrained contract torturers arriving to try out whatever new forms of human rights violations they might think up. The type of people who are not overly concerned about their resume when seeking their next job.
       Later torturer arrivals reportedly just freelancing with no interrogation training whatsoever improvised torture techniques after the other $80 million worth some shyster psychologists had sold to the CIA achieved nothing of value although perhaps serving as a useful guide to committing human rights crimes when followed and also misread, embellished and improved upon spontaneously in the heat of the moment. The CIA perhaps did give the U.N. Torture Committee perhaps more to include in its torture technique list although nothing of value to national security.
       One notable success the CIA did manage to intercede in the script for "Zero Dark Thirty" to include some ambiguous reference to the key Osama bin Laden lead concerning his messenger convincing the film's makers to make some changes to enhance the CIA's image but must importantly to have some detainee come out and spill the beans on the messenger not being tortured but while sharing a smoke because he told the CIA agent the CIA had done such a good job of torturing him before he was just ready to get it over with and hop a flight home. (Actually the truth now widely is believed that the messenger information came from the Pakistanis who told the U.S. when someone walked into a police station and identified the messenger.) This CIA script review technique first was perfected by the Los Angeles Police Chief who required that all "Dragnet" scripts be shot only after his review with changes as necessary and approval. In return the makers of "Dragnet" were given generous access to Los Angeles law enforcement property, premises and presumably streets for shooting the television show. In any case the CIA for some years running had managed to violate various portions of the U.N. Convention Against Torture as to which each year no doubt appreciated by President Bush and since then Obama each annually had to sign a certification of U.S. compliance with the U.N.
     Although the CIA doubtless handed over the Panetta Report itself to the Senate intern staff it first wanted it back claiming it was a draft. When that technique failed the CIA went to DOJ to fill out a police report alleging the Panetta Report had been stolen from documents either the CIA hand-picked to turn over to Senate interns or (less likely) who alternatively cleverly broke into Langley CIA headquarters one night when it was closed and hacked into the CIA's computer system to steal it. Along with the thousands of unreleased pages of the U.S. Senate Torture Report it too reputedly is being held by a U.S. Senate safe presumably obstructing justice by withholding evidence of doubtless many more very bad crimes which considering those made public documenting torture war crimes against humanity it is hard to imagine they how much worse the information on those not released could be.
       Back to the NCTC its heritage is rich with years of a history of globally violating fundamental human rights directing the perpetration of war crimes against humanity to mass drone and other murders as if it were above the Constitution and all laws understandably perhaps never having faced criminal prosecution for anything to date. All such illegal acts perpetrated under the direction and/or responsibility of the NCTC are both reprehensible and profoundly damaging as anathema to the fundamental values held by Americans confident those proclaimed values genuinely held define the very framework of their country and serve to justify its actions at at home and abroad.  Moreover these fundamental values must continue to inform the moral authority of this country in the greater world community as inherent to it not only at the time of its creation as the realization of the unique genius of the U.S. Constitution.
       Today the NCTC's and such like-minded U.S. officials' and agencies' although sworn to uphold the Constitution brazenly wanton disregard and reckless absolute contempt for all that it stands only can succeed in making victors of our inconsequential enemies by allowing them to win with their maximum phony staged "terror" shows backed up by nothing yet all too often simply allowed to succeed as if they earn by their acts of "terror" the result they seek. This is of course a much wider audience gladly handed over by media who obediently amplify one staged "terror" event from a hundred perspectives repeated as if it were one thousand occurrences even if the result may be much less significant than other dangers Americans regularly face daily such as the latest mass shooting yet count it their success if allowed to instigate self-perpetuating terror resulting in one further misstep to our own self-destruction rather than preserving our fundamental values imperative to our continued long-term prosperous existence.
       Instead the fundamental values both as set forth in the U.S. Constitution and when accurately further enacted in laws faithfully must be executed and must continue to be recognized not as encumbrances to the State but as essential to the People living in reasonable security still also in a country which places value of the highest order on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in other words which refuses to transform itself into the model presented by many who would destroy the U.S. presumably left to live under the intolerable conditions they exemplify enforced by rule by force on nations of unfortunates.
       As to adherence to fundamental American values serious concerns have arisen one glaring example being those identified in the U.S. Senate Torture Report inexplicably still not prosecuted by but seeminly under the protection of the Obama Administration which refuses to take any Justice Department action as if perhaps some of the most dangerous murderous criminal U.S. officials are immune to domestic punishment including just as one example its criminally insane deranged conspiracy targeting U.S. citizens for assassination even on U.S. soil by use of a metadata matrix supposedly identifying persons with whom to be "dealt" up to and including murder killed with no judicial process whatsoever.
       Apparently now that the CIA is killing people through "Lethal Surveillance Teams" with murder by drones and the NSA, NCTC and others through the use of "metadata" a new term has had to be devised for the new century of government-sanctioned murder for "operations" which now are to be known apparently as the more modern ambiguously uninformative term "dispositions" at for least ones in which persons are "disposed of" such as unwanted U.S. citizens. Apparently the Founding Fathers overlooked proposing an Amendment making clear that the new Country's citizens also had the right "Not to be killed by the State with no adjudication for no reason". Incidentally there is no need for a "new" term for these age-old activities which have been known since English common law as well as long-established U.S. laws simply as "first degree murder" and "intent" and "aiding and abetting" and being "accessories before and after the fact" as well as "conspiracy" to commit murder just to name a few.
       The systematic killings "based on metadata" confessed to by former C.I.A. chief General William Hayden referred to here in an earlier November 2014 post in the Ninth Amendment of U.S. citizens on U.S. soil reportedly is a fact which Attorney General Eric Holder refused to deny when asked point blank. Brennan's extremely disturbing record previously as a CIA deputy director and chief-of-staff to George Tenet also with connections to the highly secretive NCTC in murdering U.S. citizens was cause for great concern by the Senate upon President Obama's nomination of Brennan for CIA director which concern prompted letters to Brennan by Senators querying Brennan if he considered killing U.S. citizens to be Constitutional which also included an unsuccessful filibuster to block Brennan's confirmation by Senator Rand Paul.
       The Obama Administration reportedly later issued a secret order disclosed in a "Shadow CIA" defense contractor Stratfor email to "[g]o after persons publishing material negative to the Obama White House" followed by a Brennan-ordered "Investigative Reporter Witch Hunt" of investigative reporters. Following the issuance of this order Rolling Stone "Fearless" 33-year-old journalist Michael Hastings was killed in a horrendous assassination by probable "Cyber Car Attack" not difficult to do according to former Bush Administration Official Richard Clarke in which control of Hastings' brand new leased Mercedes could easily have been seized remotely accelerating the car to over 100 miles per hour rendering the car such that he could not brake running six red lights and shortly thereafter swerving sixty degrees also by possible remote CIA seizure of steering control into a tree and exploding with a huge fireball rising into the sky.
       Witnesses and a nearby pizza shop video made of the assassination (murder) of Michael Hastings show that the car probably actually exploded in a tremendous probable on board explosion throwing up a huge fireball actually before hitting the tree. The apparent CIA (possibly FBI aided) bombing appeared a bit too large for the purpose as any reasonable person witnessing the event or watching the video available in the Article linked to below may observe that this in no way appears the result of just a car explosion.
       The video appearing to show the probable Brennan ordered assassination (murder) is available for interested/concerned readers in the Digital Journal article linked to below. After initially being helpful local authorities reportedly have clammed up and repeatedly delayed disclosure of any police report or information from Hastings vehicle's "black box" now secured into cars just as in airplanes. Mercedes in Germany which for the past years has improved the safety of its vehicles such that it is virtually impossible for them to explode on any impact whatsoever immediately sent a team of shocked engineers to the United States to determine what had happened to the car. After first being allowed to do an initial inspection of the car Mercedes to has been rebuffed despite repeated requests to continue its investigation of the the cause of the explosion. Not surprisingly the car is not available for inspection.
       The probably assassinated (murdered) Rolling Stone reporter Michael Hastings had been on U.S. Government military and clandestine agencies' "hit lists" since his well-known investigative report published in Rolling Stone magazine after spending three days with then General Stanley McChrystal commander of NATO's International Security Assistance Force and U.S. Forces - Afghanistan and in which McChrystal and his senior staff repeatedly made made disparaging and possibly racist remarks openly mocking their Commander-In-Chief President Barack Obama and their civilian commanders in the White House. Rolling Stone's publication of Hasting's article then brought down the career of General McChrystal who was recalled by President Obama to Washington at which time McChyrstal resigned his post.
       McChrystal's former boss General David Petraeus was at that time commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Princeton Woodrow Wllson School Alumnus Petraeus later was named CIA Director by President Obama serving briefly for just over a year from 2011 to 2012 before resigning his position confronted by a stupefying scandal in which the former four-star general had an extra-marital affair with his "biographer" reported using his CIA computer for email communications with his mistress in which his chosen CIA a password was equivalent approximately to using the name of a family pet such as "Spot."
      Finally the normally fearless Michael Hastings on the day of his probable murder was according to friends as "frantic" sending out e-mails to all his friends without his customary polite greetings but telling friends he believed he was being followed by the FBI and uncharacteristically telling one Army friend that he "had to get off the radar" for a while. He was later seen looking underneath his car and told his wife that he was "onto a big story". He told her that his next story due to come out in Rolling Stone magazine was on CIA Director John Brennan. Rolling Stone said in the wake of Hastings' death that it still would publish Hastings' Brennan article in two weeks in any case. Rolling Stone however in fact did not publish the story two weeks later as promised and never has since. Moreover it also has said that Hastings' information on Brennan has become unavailable.
       The Ninth Amendment's query is if the reported information about President Obama's CIA Director John Brennan is true besides the numerous murder charges listed above and many possible other criminal charges would these facts also make him a serial murderer? The linked to Digital Journal article with videos of Rolling Stone reporter Michael Hastings' death and local television news reports for interested/concerned readers follows directly below. Our hearts go out to the wife, family friends and loved ones of Michael Hastings. May God Rest His Soul.


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16 July 2015

Obama Inspects Federal Correctional Facility First By U.S. President In Office

     Thursday, 16 July 2015, EL RENO, Okla. - President Barack Obama today became the first sitting U.S. President in history ever to visit a federal correctional facility as he passed through a series of metal gates and fences topped with concertina wire to enter Cell Block B which had been emptied of prisoners in a lockdown in advance of his visit to the federal medium security Oklahoma El Reno Correctional Facility with satellite minimum security camp.
     The President stared inside the 9 by 10 foot Cell 123 at its three bunks, a toilet with no seat, a small sink, metal cabinets, a little wooden night table with a dictionary and other books. He later reflected apparently on his own personal history saying, "[t]here but for the grace of God." Because Mr. Obama who has previously stated that he tried cocaine and used marijuana as a young man but apparently was fortunate enough not to land a prison term much less one lasting decades Mr. Obama today stood outside Cell 123 as the President of the United States rather than inside as a federal prisoner.
     The only inmates President Obama saw were six nonviolent drug offenders who had been selected to have a conversation with the President filmed by the "news organization" VICE to be shown in a "documentary on the criminal justice system" to be aired on HBO in the fall. (Actually that is a very carefully processed way of charitably describing VICE as some typical program which it is not produced by Bill Maher who repeatedly has jibed the President for not coming on his HBO show "Real Time With Bill Maher". Maher donated $1 million to Obama's first presidential campaign and now ribs Obama on air that Obama is avoiding even being on Maher's show as if Obama owed Maher money rather than Maher having donated $1 million to Obama's campaign. Anyway it sounds like Maher's payback time finally has begun with his Obama exclusive on Maher's VICE.)
     The President in observing that he might be in a prison cell rather than the White House after being moved by his conversation with the imprisoned six nonviolent drug offenders did not overlook along with referring to himself also reminding many in the press corps of their similarly good fortune. "When they describe their youth and their childhood, these are young people who made mistakes that aren't that different from mistakes I made and mistakes a lot of you guys made," President Obama told reporters afterward.
     As has been widely reported Mr. Obama recently commuted the sentences of 46 more non-violent drug offenders in addition to a relatively small number reported on here earlier in the year. Not to worry there are still 2.2 million prisoners behind bars in the United States. One study found that the size of the state and federal prison population is seven times what is was forty years ago. The United States with 5 per cent of the world's population now has 20 per cent of the world's prison population.
     President Obama has shown no tolerance for violent offenders even as he has called for legislation to overhaul the criminal justice system by the end of the year encompassing everything from sentencing to conditions in the nation's prisons. Before former Attorney General Eric Holder left office he directed U.S. Attorneys offices no longer to put weights of drugs seized in federal complaints so that judges would not be constrained to follow federal sentencing guidelines based on drug weights that they found inappropriate.
     Strangely there is now wide bi-partisan support for these criminal justice reforms to a system which is wasting both people's lives in often abhorrent conditions for non-violent mistakes they made in their youth or later as well as the huge amounts of money it is costing the People to maintain a system which makes no sense and does not work but essentially mandates a criminal culture for survival. Advocates of reform have brought together nearly unthinkable coalitions of people ranging all the way up to the Koch Brothers joining forces with liberal groups like the Center for American Progress to advocate changes. Those readers interested in more information about the above including a video statement of President Obama as well as links to related recent New York Times articles can go to the link below.  


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15 July 2015

Special Ops Invade 1,200 Fed Troops In West Texas "Hostile Territory" Jade Helm 15 Starts Infiltration, Unconventional Combat And Partial Occupation

     Wednesday, 15 July 2015, AUSTIN - Corrupt Texas Woman-Hating Governor Greg "Payoff" Abbott has prepared Texas superficially to placate vigilant Texans genuinely concerned about the imposition of federal martial law and related outrages (a core group of Abbott's voter base) in what have been described as federal military exercises commencing today known by the unexplained term "Jade Helm 15" with its also unexplained military slogan being "Master the Human Domain" and arguably mysterious logo which features a wooden Dutch clog at the center of two intersecting arrows and a sword. 
     Informed of the expected occupation and unconventional combat by the U.S. military on West Texas public and private land as well as infiltration as "civilians" with civilian vehicles of mostly small towns and counties some residents have found cause to discern a federal intent also to take away their firearms which many residents have buried along with tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition. Meanwhile former attorney general Abbott (the "General")  having been seen by many as succumbing to taking official actions to lend credibility to unreasonable fears of a federal military takeover of Texas nevertheless has given orders for the Texas Guard to "monitor" the federal military Jade Helm 15 exercise from Camp Mabry in Austin.          
     According to the Army Special Operations command overseeing the exercise for eight weeks more than 1,200 service members in Texas made up of Army Rangers, Navy SEALs and other Special Operations troops will be conducting drills in West Texas including in open county and on private property as well as in some "mostly small" towns and counties including with troops dressed in civilian clothes or driving civilian vehicles while some participants "may also conduct suspicious activities" for the exercises. The community center in Christoval is to be used as an "altercation site" with an extraction exercise also planned for "Disaster City", a mock community in College Station where emergency responders train.
     The exercise will extend to six other states: Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, and Utah. Military maps show Texas and Utah as "hostile", other states as "permissive", and still others as uncertain but leaning either hostile or friendly. A spokesperson for "the General" Greg Abbott said "the General" has been getting regular updates about Jade Helm 15 and has "no concerns about it". According to the New York Times article linked to below military exercise Jade Helm 15 "[a]rmy officials say there is no cause for alarm." Readers interested in more information about the above can go to the link below.


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11 July 2015

Obama Refusal To Prosecute Torturers "Increasingly Indefensible" New York Times Entire Editorial Board Rebukes As American Psychological Association (APA) Finds APA Colluded Both With Bush CIA And DOD War Crimes Against Humanity "One Of Greatest Scandals In U.S. Medical History" As Physicians For Human Rights And Amnesty International Seek D.O.J. Inquiry UPDATE 2

"The Obama Administration has so far refused to prosecute the torturers. As more evidence about this program comes to light, that position becomes increasingly indefensible."
        The New York Times entire editorial board conclusion first published 10 July 2015                                                                
     Saturday, 11 July 2015, WASHINGTON - The present editorial subject of this post is believed to be the second editorial of the entire editorial board of the New York Times with the first originally published 14 December 2014 calling for the prosecution of 9/11 torturers and their bosses. The Obama administration clearly completely has ignored this first call to prosecute as to date none of the 9/11 torturers nor their bosses have been prosecuted for torture at all just as if it never happened -- except it did. For readers interested in this first New York Times call for prosecution of 9/11 torturers and their bosses these readers can go to the first link (1) below.
     The occasion for this new call to justice for 9/11 torturers is that an independent report commissioned by the American Psychological Association (APA) unsurprisingly just has concluded as has been addressed in previous Ninth Amendment posts with solid confirmation that the despicable untrained unqualified criminally insane totally corrupt greedsick brutally heartless sadistic "Torture Psychologists" Bruce Jessen and James Mitchell contracted with the CIA for the obscene amount of $80+ million by Jim Cotsana chief of special missions in the CIA Counter-Terrorism Center in order for the CIA to attempt to purchase some imagined degree of medical respectability as the CIA's two now notorious infamous totally unqualified sociopath psychopathic "Torture Psychologists" this same James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen remain in the spotlight of despicable shame for their creation of the completely uninformed, incompetent, useless, inhumane, brutal, barbaric, sadistic and criminally depraved experiments on living human beings totally at odds with and disgracing long-held American ideals of honor, integrity and respect for human decency completely absent from the CIA's "Torture Program" now also confirmed as further eagerly facilitated by the career sycophants of the American Psychological Association (APA) executive board of directors and other major figures who bent APA ethics prohibitions against "torture" to accord instead to totally dishonest lying definitions of "interrogation" through a web of undisclosed connections in hopes of some pathetic infamy and apparent glorious shared criminal liability being stealth collaborators with the CIA and especially DOD in supposedly conforming DOD interrogation (torture) guidelines so as completely to sell out themselves and all APA leadership to provide some grotesquely convoluted "medical justification" for "one of the greatest medical scandals in U.S. history" merely in order to lick up the spilled drippings from the DOD pig trough have been utterly despicable and corrupt serving the needs of the now exposed Bush Torture Program.
     The needlessly sadistic torture techniques of the CIA (keeping in stress positions for prolonged periods, slamming "detainees" against walls, waterboarding, rectal hydration, rectal feeding, mock execution, sleep deprivation, music torture, ceiling hanging, murdering by chaining to frozen cement floors -- punishable as murder for all involved as conspirators or in any capacity or with any degree of knowledge -- and whatever else intentionally under supervised sick and demented employee and contract torturers might at their depraved whim perpetrate to cause degradation, pain and suffering, comprising torture and moreover although it justifies none of the torture also with all sadistic measures incidentally produced no reliable information of value making the entire CIA Torture Program useless) and DOD which have been reported about here in earlier posts now also in the 500 page official APA independent report apparently commissioned by the APA hoping to deflect such charges rather than substantiate and expand upon them.
     The APA independent report instead has served to confirm and condemn all of the APA's participation in the self-serving justification of torture which at long last finally has been undeniably exposed as joined by the APA and created by the "Torture Psychologists" in the course of continuing revolting, inhumane and actionable revelations about the degree of complicity with the CIA Torture Program which the CIA repeatedly right up until recent months has continued to try to cover up given any possible opportunity.
     The Report further relates APA total complicity with DOD torture highlighted to the extent that the "Establishment" has communicated loud and clear to the torturers purporting to act in the name and long heritage of honor of the United States that their atrocities no longer can be ignored by the Obama administration in continuing in its unpardonable failure to bring charges against those responsible for the CIA Torture Program and any related DOD torture activities in contravention of among other things the U.N. Convention Against Torture in the increasingly shamefully discredited name of the United States the responsibility for which outrage rests almost entirely with the CIA as well as the DOD in losing the long hard-earned confidence of its own People and those of the world community with the CIA in fact in some official circles such as by Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) increasingly known as creating "the best recruiting posters for terrorists in the world" one being Guantanamo Bay the place that has become the symbol to all the world of the moral decay of the decency, integrity and honor of this nation which in the wake of WWII long had been revered around the world.
     The day of reckoning inextricably approaches with a world offering no place for those to hide implicated in the Bush Administration from Bush, Cheney and Rice and on down every step of way with CIA officials and criminally insane "Torture Psychologists" Bruce Jessen and James Mitchell hired by Jim Costsana the chief of special missions in the CIA's later forever murderously tainted Counter-Terrorism Center (former home of the now bureaucratically secretly repositioned "signature strike" drone mass murderer "Mike" aka "Roger" aka "the Wolf") and those who actually carried out torture under those officials as well as in rogue elements of the DOD now being further drawn into the shadow of the prosecution by the United States Attorney General for a multitude of crimes charged in the United Nations in the International Criminal Court for crimes including war crimes against humanity as well as for torture including of their citizens by foreign governments.
     The Obama administration in its shameful complete inaction as to prosecuting the torturers no longer can ignore the grim reality that that there is no excusable choice but to prosecute those whose treatment as if the U.S. torture atrocities never took place would fundamentally discredit and diminish the U.S. before the world community not to mention the need to put these criminals away so they do not torture again as exemplified by the ever-eager "Pigheart" Dick "Criminal Notorious" Cheney who said given the chance he would "do it again" without regard for the continuing revelations of the December 2014 disclosure of the Senate Torture Report Summary (5,500 pages still viewed by the State apparently as too gruesome and sensitive to be released to the American public and the world's eyes) and now the parallel newly released APA report condemning the medical community for its participation in torture.
     The CIA Torture Program and related DOD programs often denying persons basic human rights long heralded by the United States are undoing over two hundred years of honorable national conduct of millions of proud American leaders and ordinary people who set an enduring model for the world which must not be undone by the incredibly vicious Un-American lapses to no apparent purpose of a relatively few seriously grossly misguided persons of whatever level, rank, or title who now do all in their power to hide the extent of their atrocities and rely on any diversion including manufactured public fear and American values they do not share either in conduct nor acceptance of responsibility but instead would rather befoul the reputation of the entire United States with them before the world's eyes. It has been suggested in certain circles that the appropriate location for their trials which the world demanded to see like Nuremberg in WWII would be at Guantanamo Bay where at least a significant number of the torturer atrocities took place.
     Readers interested in more information about the newly released APA torture report prepared by independent unbiased outside counsel of the highest tier at the venerable Sidley + Austin law firm the conclusions of which spurred Physicians for Human Rights to call for those involved in "one of the greatest medical scandals in United States history" to be referred to the Department of Justice (DOJ) for a criminal investigation can go to the second (2) and third (3)  links below.
     [UPDATE] Similarly the Amnesty International USA release responding to the conclusions of the APA report makes clear its position that criminal liability for torture determined upon investigation is inclusive of every level of perpetrator because "all those who planned, conspired in, committed and authorized torture must be held accountable. The report is a powerful reminder that the Justice Department has never brought criminal charges against anyone for torture that was systematic, calculated and unlawful from the beginning," For the full text of the release interested readers can go to the fourth (4) link below.
    Those readers interested in the New York Times entire editorial board full statement that the Obama administration failure so far to prosecute is "increasingly indefensible" can go to the fifth (5) final link below.

(1) http://www.nytimes.com/2014/12/22/opinion/prosecute-torturers-and-their-bosses.html

(2) http://www.nytimes.com/2015/07/11/us/psychologists-shielded-us-torture-program-report-finds.html?hp&action=click&pgtype=Homepage&module=first-column-region&region=top-news&WT.nav=top-news&_r=0

(3) https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/report-american-psychological-association-colluded-with-us-interrogation-programs/2015/07/10/42b0cbec-2741-11e5-b72c-2b7d516e1e0e_story.html

(4) http://www.amnestyusa.org/news/press-releases/justice-department-should-investigate-in-wake-of-american-psychological-association-report

(5) http://www.nytimes.com/2015/07/11/opinion/psychologists-who-greenlighted-torture.html?action=click&pgtype=Homepage&module=opinion-c-col-left-region&region=opinion-c-col-left-region&WT.nav=opinion-c-col-left-region

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07 July 2015

BREAKING: "Keys" To Encrypted Code Grave Danger Warns Report Of Top 13 Of World's Cryptographers, Computer Scientists And Security Specialists

       Tuesday, 7 July 2015, SAN FRANCISCO - American and British Governments including all law enforcement regardless of what faux diversionary terror smokescreen tactics they have used to exploit the Fourth of July and other circumstances supposedly warranting their so-called "new norm" of terror alert must not be permitted to use their unwarranted instigation of widespread phony public alarm to gain special access to encrypted communications as it will put the world's most confidential data and critical infrastructure in great danger and expose it to catastrophic threat because "[s]uch access will open doors through which criminal nation-states can attack the very individuals law enforcement seeks to defend," says a report to be released today by 13 of the world's pre-eminent cryptographers, computer scientists and security specialists which gives this dire warning according to just released information in the New York Times article detailing the experts' great concerns and their reasons therefore available for interested readers who go to the link below.


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06 July 2015

UPDATE: Grateful Dead Honor Owsley Ashes On Soundboard Break Chicago Soldier Field Record Crowds Of 75,000 For 50th Anniversary July 4th Concerts

     Monday, 6 July 2015, CHICAGO - The Grateful Dead with original band members including Phil Lesh and others surviving Jerry Garcia's death in 1995 this past weekend played to enthusiastic and patriotic crowds at three days of Fourth of July concerts at Soldier Field Chicago in numbers which daily set consecutive new attendance records for Soldier Field of over 75,000 people. (Trey Anastasio of Phish filled in for Jerry Garcia for these 50th anniversary shows.)
     The New York Times in the first article linked to below does a creditable job of a preliminary rough attempt to place the work of the Grateful Dead in America's musical history while also dutifully providing the essential song list of all songs in what order played during Saturday 4 July's concert a practice which is of course de rigeur not even for someone who falls necessarily within the loose definition of "Deadhead" but just about anyone who attended the concert unless either having been in a condition or rendered one unable to speak, hear and/or think.
     The article does not even attempt to begin to touch the profoundly psychic psychedelic transcendental spiritual, mystical and/or so much more here uncapturable in words experiential component that many people have felt the music has released with a previously unknown freeing in their minds inextricably wound up often with a legacy back to the times of Ken Kesey's Merry Pranksters traveling the country in their bus "Further" and when played live music for the band's listeners often at the time ingested legal "Owsley" quality lysergic acid diethylamide or a placebo drink in what came to be known in Tom Wolfe's book chronicling that time "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test".
     Before changing their name to the "Grateful Dead" the band was known as the Warlocks. In the years which ensued the band developed a significant and staunchly determined following essentially of faith in one another and the world in which they existed that all would work out which over time evolved to somewhat of a travelling market with many supporting themselves or trying to by following the Grateful Dead and selling various wares (not just drugs) that complemented the style and environment that developed into the Grateful Dead culture which truly could be deemed a sustained "counter-culture" that has had widespread and deep influence in the U.S. and worldwide which is not well understood by the "Establishment".
     As to that culture the article just touches on it in a brief mention of the "tapers" as in cassettes (remember those why did we not just stick with them?) a near fanatical group long known for methodically chronicling every Grateful Dead concert possible with the band's permission in a specially designated area provided the recording was not for commercial purposes. As for the rest of us there have been who knows how many mediums since. However one thing is sure and that is that there is nothing many would trade for those live Grateful Dead shows they thought would never end and perhaps never do held in the hearts and the fiber of their being. The ashes of Owsley Stanley were placed and kept on the soundboard at the Grateful Dead 50th year anniversary shows in Chicago, on July 3-5, 2015.
     Readers interested in more information about the above can go to the first below. Those readers interested in the attendance and related information at Soldier Field can go to the second link below. Those readers interested in more information about Owsley Stanley can go to the third link below. [UPDATE] Finally a new link has been added last below for interested readers to the "Reporter's Notebook" from a New York Times insider who was in attendance at the concerts up close and personal with the Grateful Dead.





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03 July 2015

GCHQ Amnesty International Spying Outrage As British Investigatory Powers Tribunal Court Admits Prior GCHQ Spooks "No Spying" Determination A Lie

     Friday, 3 July 2015, LONDON - Amnesty International the globally recognized human rights organization has called for an independent inquiry after the "outrageous" revelation on Thursday that Amnesty International was lied to by the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) monkey court in a ruling last month that the already wildly out-of-control British Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) mass surveillance conducted (lin conjunction with and/or sharing data with the N.S.A.) seemingly no longer with any apparent relationship to any legitimate national security concerns whatsoever but without any meaningful consideration invading the most intimate privacy without limitation of any foreign or domestic friend or foe maybe even itself and having extended GCHQ spying in addition to other lesser known human rights groups also now admitted further to include spying on Amnesty International despite previous denials including an impossibly improbable claimed "determination error" even by those ostensibly "overseeing" the GCHQ  spy agency.
     The GCHQ was described by whistleblower Edward Snowden in the movie "CitizenFour" as even more invasive than the N.S.A. which presumably would be out of all proportion to its unbridled violation of civil rights which it only could marginalize by capitalizing on people's fear of terrorism disrupting the measured governance of a free society. (Incidentally the exact aim of "terrorists".) IPT President Sir Michael Burton said the IPT "wished to apolgise for and correct an error in its Determination of 22 June 2015" in which the GCHQ oversight Monkey Court incredibly after 18 months of litigation apparently was unable to determine that the GCHQ was spying on Amnesty International although the IPT did figure out (wrongly) that the GCHQ was not following proper internal procedures in spying on another human rights Egyptian organization which the GCHQ in fact never had been spying on at all.
     To add insult to injury the Amnesty International secretary general Shalil Shetty in a statement of outrage which interested readers can read in some length by going to the first BBC link below emphasized that, "If they hadn't stored our communications for longer than they were allowed to, we would never even have known. What's worse, this would have been considered perfectly lawful."
     Mr. Shetty's outrage further was ignited by the fact that the UK (and likely partner N.S.A.) government mass surveillance jeopardized the very work of Amnesty International and other human rights groups by compromising their "confidential communications" with "human rights defenders and victims of abuse" which they now could "credibly believe" after these revelations of GCHQ spying "was likely to end up in the hands of governments" presumbly interfering with and/or negating critical humanitarian efforts of Amnesty International. Mr. Shetty's full reported statement of outrage linked to below as mentioned above concluded that "[t]he revelation that the UK government has been spying on Amnesty International highlights the gross inadequacies of the UK's surveillance legislation."
     It would seem so given that extraordinarily invasive powers apparently bestowed by the UK government on the outrageous spying activities of the GCHQ likely conspiring with its twin partner in crime the unconstitutional illegally operating N.S,A, for purposes intended to be focused on fighting terrorism instead being diverted instead or also to human rights organizations unbelievably including Amnesty International long recognized as one of the if not the most important and effective private organization working to protect human rights worldwide.
     As if to highlight the ignorance of the UK government regarding the misdirected uncontrolled mass surveillance predator it is allowing the GCHQ to become and the UK government's apparent ignorance of the either total intentional ineptitude and/or criminally willful ignorance of the IPT Monkey Court which apparently serves some essentially non-existent oversight role serving only to prolong the gross abuses of the GCHQ the UK government at the time of the original untruthful "Determination" of the IPT Monkey Court exalted it as the "IPTs confirmation that the interception by GCHQ in these cases was undertaken lawfully and proportionately."
     The horrendous cost in resources that are desperately needed for actual national security and the protection of human rights of this eighteen month matter are astounding considering that it would seem apparent to any rational person that the action originally brought in this matter by the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of Amnesty International if truthfully addressed with integrity could have been avoided altogether or resolved with the pertinent simple questions swiftly answered with a few communications among the responsible parties. However readers apparently must keep in mind the necessity of absolute secrecy in the "decision-making" of the IPT Monkey Court which apparently can span lengthy periods of time gathering the "facts" especially when for example as in this case there were two. In fact the IPT seems much like it may be the impaired cousin of the "FISA" Monkey Courts in the U.S. which is saying very little indeed.
     Those readers interested in an earlier most significant IPT Monkey Court decision predicate to the present one originally made in error can go to the second BBC link below to the "Determination" reported 5 December 2014 that the GCHQ's "Tempora" huge mass surveillance program unsurprisingly did not violate human rights reportedly encouraging the GCHQ as a glorious "emphatic victory". Alas with no degree of contortion can the present "Determination" be characterized no matter how small the Amnesty International victory may be for the moment although urged by its resounding cries of outrage clearly much needed revisions to surveillance litigation by the UK government and serious enforceable overhaul to the GCHQ's oversight are put in place to reign in an agency and program apparently badly off course.



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01 July 2015

FISA Secret Monkey "Court" Rubber Stamps Illegal NSA Resumption Under So-Called "Patriot Act" Of Bulk Phone Data Collection In Superficial Mock Ruling Rejects The Federal Court Of Appeals For The Second Circuit Decision That Trash "Patriot Act" Never Authorized Illegal NSA Spying On Americans

     Wednesday, 1 July 2015, WASHINGTON- The federal government announced Tuesday that it disgracefully had gone to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) secret monkey rubber stamp court which is authorized only to rule on matters of national security which cannot be made public in order that the Obama administration illegally could get around the lengthy well-reasoned decision of the Federal Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit finding NSA mass phone data collection has been illegal since its inception in 2001 as the so-called "Patriot Act" granted the NSA no such authority to engage in its spying activities on Americans.
     Nevertheless although no such national security situation requiring secrecy existed at present the federal government went to the FISA secret monkey rubber stamp "court" before the FISA monkey judge retreated into hiding so as first to get a predetermined ruling worthy of an morally intellectually bankrupt idiot obediently issued by FISA monkey Judge Michael W. Mosman that the so-called "Patriot Act" allows the State to resume illegal surveillance of Americans by bulk phone record collection for the next six months until the so-called "Freedom Act" initiates a new procedure whereby Americans' phone records will be kept by their phone carriers so the federal government will have to go first to the same FISA court which in its history has never denied nearly any secret unopposed request for anything from the federal government in order first to get monkey rubber stamped warrants to get Americans' phone records.
     The Obama administration's shameless Department of Justice (DOJ) expressed through spokesman Wyn Hornbuckle who actually did not speak but wrote of DOJ's obvious "agreement" with the federal government's blatantly illegal unconstitutional use of the FISA monkey Judge Michael W. Mosman rubber stamp court to get the decision it implicitly directed the FISA monkey rubber stamp court judge to give so that the NSA now can resume its illegal unconstitutional mass collection of Americans' phone records without regard or respect for the authority of the actual constitutional true regular real federal judicial system. To those troubled by the Obama administration's obviously unconstitutional use of the FISA monkey rubber stamp court it has been suggested that they as necessary heretofore just change one letter in its acronym and think of it as the Domestic Intelligence Surveillance Court (DISA) to encompass such uncontested secret rulings such as the present rancid stinking monkey court rubber stamp decision unconstitutionally purporting to legitimize mass domestic illegal unconstitutional surveillance by the NSA.
    This matter represents a dangerous expansion of the illegitimate "power" of the unconstitutional now not-so-secret FISA monkey rubber stamp court in a most grievous despicable precedent that is a foul and rank travesty of justice since the matter obviously should constitutionally have been left with the actual real federal courts as everybody already knows what the monkey court hijacked case is about. Other secret FISA monkey court rubber stamp judges (using the term "judges" very loosely) who have weighed in on various aspects of this matter obediently following their orders on how to rule have invariably sided with the unconstitutional and illegal positions for which the Obama administration has sought unlawful validation include secret FISA rubber stamp court monkey Judge F. Dennis Saylor IV as well as extra monkey Judge Rosemary M. Collyer by secret monkey rubber stamp court special invitation who otherwise serves as a United States Federal District Court real judge in a regular real federal court where she presumably is allowed to make her own decisions in public with opposing parties present consistent with the provisions of the United States Constitution which actually really did create that court making its decisions legally enforceable unlike those of the FISA monkey judge rubber stamp court to which the People never granted any power at all rendering all of its monkey rubber stamp decisions unconstitutional and therefore illegally enforced against the People without any lawful authority.
     Readers interested in more information on the above can go to the Reuters and/or the New York Times articles linked to below.

http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/06/30/us-usa-security-nsa-idUSKCN0PA2G220150630?feedType=RSS the &feedName=topNews


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